Conscious Poetry

Conscious Poem: It’s Not The End

Written by Rashaud turner

Times get lost. Memories fall out of place, feelings go numb. Heart still beeps though. Your senses still work, but the feelings of what used to make sense shatters. Your time maybe considered wasted, and your actions may show differently.

I believe in a lot of things people probably don’t see. I stand up for those who appreciate us fighters, troopers, leaders. I represent them, the ones who are not ashamed of falling short sometimes, in order to be better, going through reality can play a part in who you become in the end. I speak, for us all. I just approach many situations in a caring manner. We do feel and have emotions as people. I’m not that tough that I can’t admit when I’m wrong. I can be as honest with whoever chooses to be with me. I’m human, I am not perfect. I make a lot of mistakes, I do ask for forgiveness. Even at times I don’t expect it, but my daughter corrects me in all my mistakes.

I fall short, her little smile brings cheer to me my heart. I do take pride in the small things I still have left. I’ve sacrificed enough, and I want to be able to give more. I compromised my entire life. I gave all I could give to those who have received blessings. I still give more than what I do have. I remain humble through the strength of encouragement. I’m forced to become greater because it will only make me better. As a man, we must move differently. Knowing how great a power we have within us. Being able to see through bad times. The power to change a bad judgment when people just can’t see that it’s good.

Great things happen, others are not watching but talking amongst you. The time is now, for helping hands. The glory is ours to take if we want to have it. Violence will not solve problems. Discussions about strategies can help. Ideas about what we can do to be better, areas and communities that need help. People we must reach out to others. Nowadays It’s not about us anymore, it relates more to the people sitting next to you. Nobody can fail if we never put in the time in to try. No matter what you have been told it’s not the end.

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Rashaud turner