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Conscious Poem: Love

Conscious Poetry

Conscious Poem: Love

I have love for one. My heart beats more than once. My passion is to move the people. Your love was to destroy people. My love for you won’t die out. My words go through you, the meaning of them are all meant for you.

My love is kind, your love maybe power. My love consists of loyalty. They say love dies in time. I was blind to it, nothing else existed. Now nothing else matters, no love to be found. My hobby was to love, and show love. Whether it was to my mother or siblings. I was never trained to be evil in my dark times.

I grew to love more when I didn’t have the love to show others. Love has led people to do wrongful things, love has even played a part in death. Without love in your life, how do you find time to be at peace with those who can’t love? How would you find it in you to show a person what love is? Or how to even start when it comes to love?

It comes in all shapes and sizes, many pretty colors. Pink love, black love, white love. No matter the color the word will always be used as love. I agree love can be controlling. Love can back stab. I cherish those as I look in from the outside on my judgement of love. Love itself can be a drug. Not sure if people notice it, but the more you love the harder it becomes.

Whether its letting go, or just wanting more. Love is supposed to be good, even though some people have dealt with love and its worst. No restrained order can block these feelings, no lost times can bring back the memories love gave. I’m not a come and go guy, so putting people up for the test is my best effort. Push them far to succeed. The people itself need love.

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