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Conscious Words: My Words Will Do The Walking

Conscious Poetry

Conscious Words: My Words Will Do The Walking

No such things exist when you dead. No good deeds matter when you’re the bad guy committing them. No idea for the soul to feed on if it’s not hungry. Some days my stomach has been empty of food and water. But days like today, my mind would not be used to justify anger. It’s temple is to think, be mindful of others. If you take one step, allow me to lead the way. No need to hold my hand through this, my words will do the walking for you to get to your destination.

I survive for the long run, I’m stronger now than ever. My beliefs are realistic, a tactic I use. No man can break my vision, but I can allow every man and woman to be apart of my collection. There is no need to go with the impossible, together we can all be great. It doesn’t stop just today for us, the time is rolling. I just want to be a part of the history.

All my life I waited for something better. A better calling than what I was been taught. I see the difference between right and wrong. Others don’t care if it’s right or wrong they do or commit. It’s always another route to follow, it wasn’t just one mindset made. There are several kinds of imposters. Whether they come through music, the street life, or someone in your family.

It’s about how you carry yourself and the principles you stand on and preach. Practice these daily, maintain a good spirit daily. It matters what you put inside of your soul as well. Food for thought! Encourage your fellow peers to break free from whatever maybe holding them back and what may not have been broke from history. I’m a true believer in these words I speak. I had no motivation, I have been taught things improperly. I admit, I am not perfect. It matters what you do in any given time being.

People struggle from hardship, I did! Especially knowing I placed myself in messy situations. I cried long nights for forgiveness, I begged to be a better person. I showed so much anger and hatred toward people for mistakes I done. My actions showed me something different. My decisions made me gullible, my heart hurt more than three hundred and sixty five days can give you in a year. I was drained, pride started getting in the way. My mind started to feel like I was giving in. By giving up, this led me to do stupid things. Showing bad habits. Looking misguided, feeling left out from the equation.

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