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How To: Make A Home Made Lip Primer & Scrub

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How To: Make A Home Made Lip Primer & Scrub

Let’s face it, we all love high end make-up.  I am a massive fan of it all!  While many women are more than happy to pay a little extra at the MAC counter, for a decent long-lasting lipstick, why pay over the odds for MAC’s Lip Primer too? It’s very expensive. You can make your own.

If you’re a lipstick kind of woman and you switch it up daily with your brands and shades, you’ll know that products vary in how harsh they are on the lips. You’ll also know that during the winter our lips are much more vulnerable when it comes to chapping and cracking. This is no good when you’ve spent that little extra on your favourite brand lipstick, as on application it will look cakey and have a terrible finish. Matte finish liquid lipsticks are bang on trend and all the rage. If you’re a matte finish liquid lipstick fan, a good primer and scrub is a must to keep the cakey lips away, no one wants to kiss those!

You’ll Need

  • Brown course unrefined sugar. (Demerara is recommended as it’s not too fine).
  • One lime or lemon.
  • A table spoon of water.
  • A small container with a lid to store the product in.

Step One: Into your small container spoon in around three table spoons of the sugar. Ensure that the sugar you use is not too fine, as it needs to act as an exfoliant for the lips.

Step Two: Cut your lemon or lime in half. I normally use lime. Squeeze about two table spoons into the sugar.

Step Three: Spoon in about a tablespoon of tap water into the mixture.

Steep Four: Mix it all together, the sugar should soak up the liquids. You should have a product that looks a bit like a body scrub in texture. If there is too much liquid add some more sugar until the consistency is right for you. If it’s too course, add in some more lime or lemon.

Step Five: Using your fingers apply to your bare lips in a side to side motion, to exfoliate and remove the dead skin, and prime your lips ready for a lipstick application. It should taste yummy, so feel free to eat it too. Remove the scrub with a damp face towel and dry the lips.

Step Six: Store the scrub with the lid on at room temperature, use within about three weeks. Or if you store it in the fridge it can stretch longer.

Step Seven: Line your (dry free of product) lips with your favourite lip pencil, that matches your cream/ matte finish lipstick shade. Fill in the centre of your lips with your cream/matte shade. A lip brush is recommended for a professional looking application, or you can skip this. However, apply carefully if you do. Or apply your liquid matte lipstick as normal if you decide on this kind of colour.

And there you have it. A cheap, but very good way to prime and exfoliate your lips ready for a smooth application of lipstick. Your lipstick will last longer, as it’s not seeping into the cracks of your lips. And your lipstick will be poppin’ with a great finish on smooth kissable lips.

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