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Romance Books Round Up & Reviews

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Romance Books Round Up & Reviews

Carter Book One: Sinner Saints Series by Adrienne Bell

Rating – 4.5 stars.

This is a romance action novel. It’s interesting from the start with the introduction of Carter, the protagonist. He’s an ex special forces operative, and owner of Macmillan security. He and his team are recruited as security for a politician. Things start going downhill for him when he meets Ally, the female protagonist. Ally is a journalist with information against the corrupt politician.

Carter is in trouble when he’s accused of causing chaos during a party, and he’s on the run with Ally. Sparks fly as the two of them struggle with their new found relationship, while trying to gather evidence against the corrupt politician. Ally is a strong-willed woman who constantly challenges Carter, (and his employees). In the end, they finally end up compromising.

It has humour to create some lightness in the story. Also, the supporting characters, Carter’s employees have their moments. The whole story is covered in a span of less than a week, which is the shortest time span of any book I have read. Yet everything is organised which allows the story to read smoothly.

One aspect that did not work as well in the story is, there’s nothing mentioned about Carter’s background, except that he was in the army. Maybe it means that he doesn’t have a family? Still there must be some information, no matter how little. I was disappointed.

I definitely recommend the book, because it has a balanced combination of romance, action, suspense and humour. It has moderate sexual and violent content.

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Concrete Evidence: Book one of the Evidence Series by Rachel Grant

Rating – 4.5 stars

This is one of the most interesting books I have read. It focuses on archaeology and greediness of humans. Of course, there’s romance.

It tells the story of Erica, an archaeologist, who is accused stealing artefacts from a five hundred year old ship wreck. She runs away but not without planning her revenge. Unfortunately, she has to work with Lee, her intern with whom she falls in love.

Lee is undercover to find the conspirator who is smuggling from the company, and Erica is considered a suspect. He pretends to be lazy and uninterested in the work, however, when he realises Erica’s life is in danger, he does everything to protect her and find out the real villain.

There are a lot of flashbacks also some suspense. In the end, even I was shocked to find out about the main antagonist. It was like peeling off layers. There are various antagonists who have an aim to gain as much profit as possible, from smuggling artefacts.

This is what makes the story very long. It could have been shortened on some parts. Otherwise it’s an excellent read. It has moderate sexual and violent content.

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The Accidental Human: Book Three of the Accidental Series by Dakota Cassidy

Rating – 4.5 stars

This is a paranormal romance story. It’s one of the first books I have read. The accidental series is about three best friends Marty, Nina and Wanda. In the previous two books, Marty changed into a werewolf, and Nina changed into a vampire. Accidentally of course.

In the third book Wanda is diagnosed with a terminal illness. She doesn’t tell her friends, she continues her work at a cosmetics company recruiting saleswomen. Suddenly a man, Heath comes to her house to attend an in home party for the saleswomen, claiming that he can also work as a salesman.

Heath is mysterious but impresses Wanda with his methods. Though they fall for each other, they are yet to reveal their secrets. Finally, when Wanda is convinced she can’t survive, she informs her friends. Both aren’t happy because they are immortal, they wouldn’t want to lose her. Each of them then bites her hoping to change her into either a werewolf or a vampire, what they get is a half werewolf and half vampire.

It is revealed that Heath was a vampire, but became human for a short time, for an unusual reason.

Wanda then becomes out of control and bites Heath. Everyone thinks he is dead. Well, he died but then became a vampire again.

This is the most unusual paranormal story I have read. The only flip side is both of Wand’s friends biting her. They know the transformation takes time from their own experience. But they were too impatient to save their friend. However, there’s some humour to balance the seriousness of the situation. I recommend it as some people may appreciate the unusual story line. It has minimal sexual content.

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