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Beauty Sleep And How To Get It

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Beauty Sleep And How To Get It

Faithfully following your staple skincare routine and making sure your makeup is just right, can seem like all you need to maintain your beauty. Usually, if we have a good handle on that we feel maybe we can cut a few corners. Too often the real beauty secret ends up neglected– and that’s beauty sleep. Getting to sleep before midnight isn’t your only best bet for getting that precious shut eye. There are a few tips that will surely promise you wake up looking flawless.


Sleep Tonic

Before bed add into your tea of choice (for best results, Chamomile or Green tea) almond milk, two teaspoons of raw honey and just a dollop of Coconut oil. The benefits of warm Honey Milk/ tea before bed improves your sleep remarkably, and Coconut oil provides your body with nutrients that produce optimal amounts of sleep hormone. A good sleep tonic not only is pleasant to taste, but it induces relaxation in every bone in your body to literally rock you to sleep.


Slip On A Silk Eye Mask

Silk eye masks just love the face and that is a fact. They not only help by preventing any light from bleeding in, helping you to sleep easier and longer, the smooth fabric also helps soothe the skin and hold in moisture. Don’t worry, you didn’t spend all that time moisturizing and laying on that hydrating sheet mask before bed for nothing. It’s safe to say those nutrients will be locked in rejuvenating the skin all night.


Did Someone Say Sheet Mask?

Sheet masks are the new hype right now, and for good reason! A sheet mask can provide intensive hydration which make this a skin care favorite. There’s no other time better than bedtime while the skin is already in its restorative stage, to place this mask on your skin. Its serum filled properties allow for an immediate boost in radiance, hydration, and the love your skin needs. Giving your face this bedtime treat is truly beauty sleep done right.


Get Your Entire Eight Hours

No doubt you’ve heard this so many times before but getting enough sleep is essential to your appearance. Waking up with a glow that no highlighter on the market can provide, is what makes this tip so important. I know, it’s not always easy to stick to a “bedtime” especially on nights where you’ve got so much on your plate, or that Netflix series has you hooked. However, at the very least six hours of sleep can be extremely beneficial. Your gorgeousness depends on it.

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