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Book review: Romance & Suspense

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Book review: Romance & Suspense

Forever Fredless by Suzy Turner

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Rating – 2.5 stars


This is a romantic comedy about Kate Robinson, who had been in love with a boy she met during a family holiday when she was a child. She believed him to be her soulmate and named him Fred, because they danced to the song by Right Said Fred “I am too sexy.” But they separated even before they could talk to each other.

Two decades later, Kate worked for Liberty magazine, which is about beauty and fashion, in London. Despite having some flings, she couldn’t forget Fred. Then she met a guy named Marc in a club, but he bolted from her when she told him her name. Later, she reveals her childhood crush to her friends.

Kate is promoted to a columnist and her articles become a hit. One day, a man named Tony came to her home. He’s a lawyer for her uncle Sam. Tony reveals that Sam had left everything, his entire estate and money, to her. She plans with her friends to visit Sam’s properties before deciding what to do. Gradually, she becomes famous and the media also gets to know about her secret love story.

She shares everything with her divorced parents, since she didn’t know Sam very well. Despite that her parents claimed to have loved each other, they had extramarital affairs, each of them ended up married to another person. It is later revealed that Sam was her mother’s lover and he liked Kate. He didn’t have a family and that’s why he left everything for her.

Kate decided to convert one of Sam’s houses into a beauty parlour, where she and one of her friends offer beauty treatments. Finally, when Kate decided to go back to London, she met Marc again in the plane. It’s then revealed that Marc is Fred and he apologised for leaving her when she had told her name. There’s no sexual and violent content.

My review:

The story starts off with a good introduction of Kate meeting with a boy and their eventual separation. It then moves forward after twenty years and shows her daily routine. It’s a good and detailed description of her life, her job and her crazy group of friends who are loyal to her. Then there’s her obsession with the boy from her childhood. She doesn’t even know his name yet she compares him to her flings.

But complications start after she meets Tony. The mystery surrounding Sam and her parents’ complicated love story. It stretches the story too long. Too much focus is on Kate. This is the part that I didn’t really enjoy. The male protagonist Marc/Fred, appears only twice. One when they meet in a club and in the last chapter when they meet in the plane. He isn’t given enough space and we don’t know much about him.

Only the last chapter is dedicated to him and the story ends too quickly. Though he apologises to Kate, he doesn’t give her the reason why he left her. I think she deserved to know. Not much is revealed about him which doesn’t do justice to his character. His story should have covered a few chapters. I was disappointed that very little space was given to him.

I liked it but not so much. I would have enjoyed it more if there was some balance in the stories of the two protagonists. Also, about her parents’ love stories. They claimed to love each other, yet they divorced. It doesn’t make sense.

However, the humour gives some relief. Kate’s friends are loyal and funny. They help and support her through the different situations she faces. I actually enjoyed those parts. Overall, I would recommend it for those people who are looking for humour. But it can be boring for readers who are into romance, because the ending is too short.


Stealing Justice – Book 1 of The Justice team by Misty Evans and Adrienne Giordano

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Rating – 4.5 stars


This is a romantic suspense novel about Justice “Grey” Greystone, an ex-FBI who was fired along with his partner Mitch Monroe, for defying their boss. Now Justice is working for Front Range under a false identity while Mitch had disappeared. The two of them had been investigating Ahmed Khourey, whom they had dubbed “The lion”, because of the man’s suspicious activities involving female escorts who were murdered. Despite being fired, Justice continues the investigation on his own. His former boss offers to recruit him back to the FBI, provided he proves the lion is the murderer either by hook or by crook but Justice refuses.

He investigates Sydney who runs the Saint Agnes Fresh Start shelter for women, because some of the women murdered were from there. She started the shelter because of a terrible experience her mother had, who was admitted to a hospital. Sydney helps abused women to have a new identity and life.

After Justice explains everything, the two of them realise that it’s the lawyer for the shelter, Ian Goldberg, who lures the women in exchange for money. They hatch a plan for Sydney to be recruited and she joins the escort company. She meets Ahmed as well as his son Nabil, both of whom show interest in her. Justice also informs his former boss about this new development.

Justice is part of the security team for the place where parties are held and escorts are used. Sydney insists to Ian to have Justice as a bodyguard without raising suspicions. As she goes undercover, both of them keep their eyes on Ahmed to see when he will take the fall. Justice even goes to his home to find evidence but is disappointed. Meanwhile he and Sydney take their relationship to the next level and fall in love.

As Justice continues to find evidence and tries to protect Sydney, time runs out for him when he discovers the true identity of the villain and saves her.   There’s moderate sexual and violent content.

My review:

The story is predictable at least in the romance department. It is the suspense that caught my attention. Justice and Sydney are so much focused on Ahmed, that they miss the true murderer despite some signs. Justice is an ex-FBI but unfortunately, even he doesn’t realise it.

Mitch, being a true friend appears whenever Justice needed him. He even adds a bit of humour since he’s a cool-headed guy. Sydney is a strong character who has to take care of her mother in the hospital, and at the same time run the shelter. After meeting Justice, she becomes even more determined to help the women.

It’s a good story with some comedy and a lot of twists and turns which will leave you stunned at the end.

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