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Conscious Poem: My mind Won’t Be Wasted

Conscious Poetry

Conscious Poem: My mind Won’t Be Wasted

My mind isn’t to be wasted. My time is to be cherished, my patience is meant to gain and excel in knowledge. Power is my antidote of life. Violence never solves anything, proving a point to me don’t make you no better than what the outer appearance people see in you.

My religion isn’t built on facts to survive. That’s called instinct any given day. Be humble to those who feel you maybe a threat. Use the intelligence from the tongue we hold to speak daily. What didn’t stop me kept me going. What I allow to break me can be my down fall. In the end, I rise higher above my greatest beliefs.

I won’t follow the blind to be led. My guidance will move me toward the light. Impossible things will soon become possible. The best things in life take dedication, hard work and long days of striving for the better. My light will not shine bright as God’s, but I do plan on walking for him. Making myself a better individual. Believing in myself more than others.

All things come to those who have worked long and hard for it. My grind is not determined by you nor he or she. I have influences coming from greater powers above. I shall rise up, I will not be targeted for destruction. My mind is not open to discuss the pain of someone else. I’m branded to speak for many people. Understand what many will not grasp about concepts in life.

Which people really face. Whether it’s something a lot of viewers won’t discuss, I’m up for it. Making lives matter is the most important of all. Color doesn’t matter, neither the opinion of someone who just don’t understand or care to. I’m for the good purpose, if it means doing more than what a lot of other people want to do.

No complaints, I mean every word in me. Fighting for a point I don’t mind, but verbally I’m speaking and stating facts, addressing controversy, speaking on poverty as well in the smaller youth cities.

It’s a lot of work to be done all around the world. It’s not hard to see when something isn’t right. For years that have passed, I’ve seen the troubles America has faced. Through the media covering up what we as the world didn’t see. I speak for the people who are for every color. Who make a stand to help his brother or sister along the way.

A helping hand, my people is what the world most importantly needs. Nobody should have to be placed as burden. Treatments should be given, better care amongst every individual, homes should be provided for the poor. How can we be great again? Who will give opportunities to the people that need it? What risk can we take to make other things a source available to the people that need it?


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