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Feed The Family For Less Then £10.00 (13:00$): Spicy Sausage Pasta

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Feed The Family For Less Then £10.00 (13:00$): Spicy Sausage Pasta

Kids love pasta! It goes wonderfully with sausages. Another wholesome and cheap meal to feed all the family. You can have it plain with less spice if you wish.

You’ll Need:

One pack (four- six) of *Cumberland seasoned or plain sausages. (*Vegetarian is fine).

One pack of fresh prawns*

One pack of Frankfurter/ hotdog sausages.

A packet of pasta shells or shapes to your liking. Or you can use Tagliatelle or Linguine pasta.

A courgette, a carrot, an onion, one red pepper.

A tin of sweetcorn.

Frying oil.

A frying pan.

Meat seasoning

*One chilli or chilli powder.

Tomato puree

One garlic.

Grated mature cheese.

*optional choices.

Step One:  Add two to three tablespoons of frying oil to the saucepan. Allow this to heat on a medium heat. Once the oil is hot, add in your sausages, Frankfurters, prawns* and seasoning and *chilli. Allow the sausages and seasoning to shallow fry.

Step Two: Boil some hot water in a saucepan, add in a pinch of salt and nob of butter. Add your pasta. Allow it to cook, but not overcooked and too soft. Once ready drain and set to one side.

Step Three:  Wash and chop up your carrots, peppers, onion and courgette.  Add them to the pan with the sausages to fry until soft. Turn the ingredients in the pan regularly, to evenly cook. Once the sausages and vegetables are cooked and browned, remove the sausages from the pan and chop into chunks. I normally cut them at a slant.

Step Four: Add the fried chopped sausages and vegetables to a large baking dish along with your cooked pasta and a handful of prawns*.  Mix the mixture then add a about two-three table spoons of tomato puree until you get the flavour you like. Chop up one garlic clove, add this to the baking dish.

Step Five: Cover the mixture in the baking dish with mature cheese. Place in the oven and back for about ten- fifteen minutes. Once the cheese in browned and the bake is solidified, remove from the oven and serve with fresh salad and crusty buttered bread, and a glass of red wine. (For the adults of course).

Top Tips For Eating Healthy & Saving Money.

  1. Shop online where possible a number of by one get one free offers are online.
  2. Buy fruit and veg at the local market rather than supermarket. It’s often cheaper.
  3. Batch cook, and save left overs in the freezer.
  4. Plan your meals throughout the week, so that when you go shopping you are sticking to budget and not buying what you don’t need.
  5. Make things from scratch such as sauces and freeze them.
  6. Never go shopping on a hungry tummy! You’ll end up with all kinds of things…you really may not need.

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