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Are Killer Clowns Coming Back For Halloween?


Are Killer Clowns Coming Back For Halloween?

The Internet has been melting into madness over the latest horror film “IT”, which was released in early September. The film directed by Andy Muschietti is based on Stephen King’s 1986 novel, and is planned to be the first of two films.


Audiences who have gone to watch the film in the UK have described it as “the best horror film in 2017 so far”, with movies being cancelled just to broadcast this particular film during its launch day.


Chelsea, a sixteen year old sixth form student who went to watch the film, the night it was released described it as “a film to watch.” She said she thinks that a lot of teenagers are going to dress up as clowns for Halloween this year. “The film has definitely made clowns more creepy, and I’d be afraid if I saw one like it” she added.


The Killer Clown craze started in the USA last year when people began dressing up as clowns, scaring members of the public. The trend then began to emerge in parts of the UK including Manchester, London and Birmingham.


A student from Birmingham is already planning his costume for Halloween, which will be inspired by Pennywise, the villain from It. He explains that “it’s just a bit of fun, there’s no harm in dressing up as a clown” but his friends disagree. “People have a fear of clowns, it’s an actual thing, he’s just being daft” one said.


The film has already been rated 8.2/10 on IMDb with users reviewing the film on the site as “even better than the original”, and a film that has “the perfect blend of comedy and horror.” Many users also described the film as “the Stephen King adaptation we’ve been waiting for.”


When asked about the film and Halloween, parent of two Karen said that she thinks that it should be “banned to dress up as a clown for Halloween.” She believes that Halloween is not about dressing up as scary characters in order to create fear, but to have fun in an appropriate, mature manner. The mother of two fears that her children will come home crying because of the trend slowly coming back.


Karen said she’s seen the film being advertised all over the Internet and on billboards, however she believes that it’s encouraging “inappropriate behaviour” adding cases from last year’s Killer Clown Craze where people were walking around just scaring young teenagers.


Now it’s just time for Karen and the public to wait till the end of October, to see if all this Killer Clown craze comes back.

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