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Permanent Health Habits to Break Free of Binge Diets.

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Permanent Health Habits to Break Free of Binge Diets.

Train Your Brain.


Most people who struggle with weight are binge dieters, and binge exercisers. From one extreme to the next, this vicious cycle of ups and downs leaves a mark every time. The bounce back of clean healthy food, and the downfall of excessive sugar and artificial junk takes a very serious toll on our body’s systems and organ function. Especially with age, as we’ve subjected ourselves to this roller coaster of self-destruction one time after another.


It’s no big secret that our filtration parts like the liver and kidney struggle to break down anything in access, especially all the junk that’s sugar packed and/or chemically induced. It’s also no big secret that eating clean/green lengthens the lifespan, improves sleeping habits and mental focus, and it’s even been proven to reduce the symptoms of depression and physical diseases.


So how can we humans have access to all of these facts, yet continue to throw ourselves down this nasty binge dieting path? There are two major contributors: Habit and Mind frame.


Which brings us to the complicated question of superior importance. How can we break our crappy eating habits and diet bingeing ways?


The answer is actually simpler than expected. It takes time, baby steps if you will. Us humans are creatures of habit. We need to create healthy eating habits in the same fashion that we let ourselves slip into the unhealthy ones. No one spends months losing weight to go back to their previous lifestyle overnight. We do it by adding in one candy bar and one slice of pizza at a time. Keywords here: Adding in!


In order to make a permanent change in one’s life, it has to come as naturally as your morning cup of coffee. The routine makes all the difference, and your mental ambition needs to come from a reasonable place. There is no on/off switch, everything is gradual. If you’re ready for a real change, the kind that will transform your lifestyle for good, then it’s going to take time, discipline, and routine. For permanent success the changes need to be made for health, and not to lower the number on your bathroom scales. No one is going to reach a long term goal by ransacking their cupboards and throwing out everything they love. All the while filling up every spare second with embarrassing gym time that is just as forced and unwelcome as a sliver in your big toe. Let’s face it, not everyone can be a workout Goddess, destined for the gym life (kudos to those who are, the dedication and inspiration is phenomenal!).


Start with adding in a small healthy snack every day until it comes naturally. For the sake of heath add in a handful of nuts, a piece of fruit, or a raw vegetable that you actually enjoy the taste of. Do it every day, at the same time of day. Do this for as long as it takes until you’re so used to it, it becomes second nature. Every person is unique in this sense. There is no calendar or daily program. Permanence is tailor made, no two people develop habits in the exact same amount of time. For some it’ll only take a few days, for others it may take weeks, or even months. Either way, you’ll know you’re there when you don’t even have to think about it, you just reach for that apple every single day.


Next add in a tall glass of water as soon as you wake up. (yes, before your coffee, or anything else). Again, it’ll become a habit over time, just like the coffee. Staying hydrated is key in health, and it’ll also keep your appetite on track. By rejuvenating the body first thing, your digestive system will have that boost it needs to start processing. The same as in your added in healthy snack, this needs to become second nature. Over time you’ll crave it. You’ll gulp down the glass without giving it a second thought.


Once you’re drinking that morning water and adding in a healthy snack every single day out of habit, you’ve taken the biggest steps to permanent change. You’ll begin to feel healthier. The want to move forward will be natural, not forced or unwelcome. Health is found in lifestyle not a in a weight loss diet. It’s coming from a wholesome place of wanting to feel good rather than a place of self-loathing, as most diets start out.


The next step is physical but it’s doable by practically everyone. Give yourself ten minutes every single morning to stretch. If you’re into yoga awesome, if you’re not then don’t fret. With the simple breathing technique of slow deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth, all while you reach and bend, it will make an enormous difference. Again, make it routine! Remind yourself every single day, until it comes without question! Stretching your body helps you to cleanse the oxygen in your veins. It also helps your frame of mind! It reroutes your psyche to a healthy place. Once you start to feel better about your body and its functions, then you’ll want to keep it that way. Feeling an improvement physically one way or another makes all the difference in wanting a permanently healthy diet.


Make these three simple changes first. Add them into your daily routines and habits one at a time. Take your time. This can’t be said enough: permanence doesn’t happen overnight! If you’re dedicated enough to make these three simple changes last long enough that it’s as natural and necessary as the very breath in your lungs – then you’re ready to move forward. The mind and body will be prepared and ready to take whatever other steps you want to take.


Whether it be a real big workout routine, or even cutting out a vast amount of salt of sugar, you now know how to make it happen without being a binge. You’ll be coming from the right place. You’ll be confident and patient for the sake of health. You’ll know how it feels to actually make something last. Permanent changes happen despite life’s emotions and physical obstacles.


The steps are easy and for everyone. It’s all about healthy habits at your own personal capabilities and pace. It isn’t about one healthy snack, a glass or water, and a stretch. It’s about building habits, in the right order, and for the right reasons, to put yourself in a proper place mentally to get away from bingeing. Be patient with yourself. Don’t compare yourself with the progress with others. Do it for health, do it because you can, and do it because improvement is key in every aspect of life. When it all boils down to it, our bodies are really all we have that is 100% our own, do right by them.



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