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The Sinners of Saint Series by L.J. Shen is Dominating Amazon

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The Sinners of Saint Series by L.J. Shen is Dominating Amazon

Author L.J. Shen is really on a roll with her new series. The first novels in the Sinners of Saint collection have been released consecutively since the tail end of December 2016. Between the three books she has already pulled in over three thousand reviews averaging 4.5 stars on alone! The growing number of reviews on Amazon UK, and every other platforms out there is equally as impressive. Us readers have got to hand it to her for creating this extremely sexy and one of a kind plot and character line up.


The series revolves around a group of four friends who are as close as brothers. They were born and raised in the rich and powerful place of Todos Santos, California. Each one has a unique love story and L.J. Shen tells them in such an unforgettable and captivating way. Once you’ve started the series there is no turning back. Each book can be read as an independent stand- alone if you prefer, and they are suited to a mature audience. Reading them all in order, allows the story to weave together perfectly.


The First In The Series Is, Vicious:


Amazon link here.


My Review:

Hot! Kudos L.J. Shen, way to add some steam to life. I’m in complete shock and amazement at the way Shen is able to grasp the heat of the moment, not only by the naughtiness, but by the emotional attachment that you can’t help but to have with the characters. Barron ‘Vicious’ Spencer is raunchy, disgusting, and completely ruthless. He is the man you love to hate. Everything about his approach and outlook on life in general makes you want to slap him across the face, yet you can’t get him out of your head. He stays with you always and every part of you wants to pick him apart and learn everything there is to possibly know about him.


Vicious endured a childhood full of tragedy, heartache, physical, mental, and emotional abuse, and neglect. Rather than turning him into a victim of life, it transforms him into a hungry monster who aches for revenge. Vicious’ family is filthy rich and he’s forced to practically raise himself in a depressing mansion full of emotional turmoil. He’s a tortured soul and his nickname ‘Vicious’ fits him perfectly.


Emilia or ‘Millie’ is the same age as Vicious, she moves onto the Spencer estate during their senior year of high school. Her parents take on jobs for Mr. Spencer and his wife Jo.


Vicious makes Emilia’s life a living hell. He is indeed, very Vicious. Yet there’s a chemistry there, an energy between them that’s unmistakable. It’s borderline overwhelming for each of them, and they deal with this pull to one another in different ways. Their interactions are hurtful, lustful, raw, and they leave scars that are not so easily mended. The two are completely intertwined mind body and soul.


There is no holding back, its crude and nasty, but in a perfectly real and honest way… I loved it!


The Second In The Series Is, Defy:


Amazon link here.


My Review:

Melody Greene is a high school lit teacher in an extremely prominent town. It isn’t a career she loves, or one that she’s particularly good at, but she landed the job in a spur of the moment style and is somewhat content with it. She settled for a teaching degree after her long sought after career as a ballerina went south. Everything in her life is quickly moving downhill and the principal really has it out for her. One event after another quickly spirals, and she is left in a pinch. A small yet expensive car accident forces her to allow one of her students to hold a bit of a blackmail situation over her head.


It isn’t just any student either. It’s the principal’s son, and he is a far cry from the average teenager. He’s actually eighteen therefore not illegal (I know, I know, it sounds a little juvenile and weird, but once you get to know this guy you’ll totally understand her lust). His experience in the boudoir is impeccable, and that’s not to mention his physical build and maturity level. Jamie is more man than most, and he is able to win over Miss Greene.


The affair is insanely hot. The events throughout the novella are unique. I was sucked into Defy from cover to cover. I love it! And, not only will I recommend it, but I already have, to practically every friend I know.


The Third In The Series Is Ruckus:


Amazon link here.


My Review:

I absolutely loved Vicious and Defy, I really can’t believe it took me months to read Ruckus too. I wasn’t disappointed, not in the least. I’m actually on the fence trying to decide if it’s better than the others! I don’t know, because even though I feel like the story line is the best, I can’t abandon my feelings for the first two. We’ll see what book number four in the Sinners of Saints brings!


Anyhow, back to Ruckus, also known as Dean Cole. He is just as hot as the rest, if not hotter. He’s a slut. Probably the sluttiest slut that the planet has ever seen, yet none of his one night stands will ever hold a candle to the woman of his dreams, Rosie, who just so happens to be the little sister to the one and only actual girlfriend that Dean has ever had. I know, great twist right!?


To make things even more complicated, she’s sick. The kind of sick that affects every single aspect of life. And, that’s not to mention makes being around her family hell, and will inevitably shorten her lifespan at an unexpected rate. This book made me cry like a baby multiple times.


Ruckus is determined to win her over despite her determined to avoid-love/hate feelings toward him. Their “dangerous chemistry” – or so L. J. Shen calls it – is undeniably sexy. My favorite feature of the entire book is their banter. It’s clever, wonderfully raunchy, hot, and extremely witty.


The two are forced into spending a week together as the bridesmaid and groomsman at a wedding, (the couple from book 1). The entire week is overflowing with drama. I couldn’t  remove my face from its pages with a crowbar had I tried.

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