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A Sweet Taste of Fall: Apple French Bread Pudding

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A Sweet Taste of Fall: Apple French Bread Pudding

With fall just around the corner, leaves are turning vibrant reds and oranges, and the smell of cinnamon floats through the air. It’s pumpkin carving and apple picking time. There are so many delicious varieties of apples to cook with and snack on. Below are some of the more popular types of apples and an accompanying bread pudding recipe.

  1. Available year-round, Granny Smith apples are tart and crisp. Pair these apples with a sweeter variety, and your pies and sauces will dance on all your taste buds.


  1. Golden Delicious is an extremely sweet, juicy and tender apple. These are often used in baking and, as mentioned above, in combination with tart apples to balance flavor.


  1. The most widely-known apples in the US, the Red Delicious have a firm texture, thicker skin, and a sweetness that makes them best in salads or for a snack.


  1. Named for its hint of honey taste, the Honey Crisp apple is exceptionally sweet, juicy, and crisp. You can use this diverse apple in just about anything–salads, baked goods, and sauces. Of course, eating them as a snack is perfectly fine, too.


  1. McIntosh apples are an older variety of apple. They’re known for being juicy and tangy, with a softer texture, which makes them especially good for applesauce. Because McIntosh apples cook down easily, slice them thick. They’re available September through May.


  1. If you want a crisp, juicy and sweet apple available year around, Gala apples are for you. These are perfect for school lunches and snacks. They also add balance in baking if you choose to use Granny Smith apples.


  1. In mythology, Ambrosia means food or drink of the Gods. The Ambrosia apple is aptly named with its extremely sweet and juicy taste, and slightly tender texture. It’s perfect for baking, or creating an Ambrosia salad with other fruit and whipped cream. Ambrosia apples are available fall through winter.


Now that you’ve been introduced to some of the most common apples, you can choose one or two and make the following delicious recipe!

Apple French Bread Pudding


Three eggs, beaten

12-oz. can sweetened condensed milk

Three apples peeled, cored and chopped

One ¾ cup hot water

¼ cup butter, melted

One tsp cinnamon

One tsp vanilla extract

Four cups French bread, cubed

½ cup raisins


In a large bowl, combine eggs, sweetened condensed milk, apples, water, butter, cinnamon and vanilla. Stir in bread and raisins, completely moisturizing bread. Turn into greased nine x nine inch pan.


Bake at 350 degrees for one hour.


Top with whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream, if desired.

Lynn has been writing as long as she could hold a pencil. She's currently working on a memoir about adopting through foster care and has been featured on numerous adoption blogs. She advocates for foster care adoption in Northern California where she lives with her husband of 15 years, three children, and four furry companions.

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