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Top Five Health Benefits Of Avocados

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Top Five Health Benefits Of Avocados

The avocado has become hugely popular over the last few years, which is partly due to their mild creamy taste, and versatility. The avocado is not only delicious, but also super healthy and nutritious!

Here are the top five health benefits of eating avocados:

  1. Extremely nutritious. The avocado contains nearly twenty vitamins and minerals which are all vital for our body’s health. These include Vitamin K, Folate, Vitamin B5 and B6 and Vitamin C. Avocados even contain more Potassium than bananas, with fourteen percent of the RDA being contained in a 100 gram serving.
  2. Mono-saturated fatty acids which are good for your heart. Avocados contain a large amount of these super healthy fats, that help to keep our heart healthy.
  3. Lots of fibre! 100 gram serving of avocado will provide you with twenty eight percent of your RDA of fibre. Fibre can help prevent heart disease, some types of cancer, obesity and diabetes. It is also extremely important for our digestive systems.
  4. Contain antioxidants that can protect your eyes. These have been linked to helping drastically reduce the risk of developing cataracts and macular degeneration, especially later on in life.
  5. Lower cholesterol. There are now many studies proving that eating avocados regularly can actually reduce cholesterol. Not only do they reduce the unhealthy cholesterol in our bodies, they also increase the amount of healthy cholesterol.


Heather is a 28 year old actor and teacher who live in the South East of England. She has a degree in English and Drama and has always had a passion for writing and photography. Heather blogs about life with MS and is currently writing her first book. She also loves donkeys and dinosaurs.

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