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Transitioning Your Skincare & Makeup From Summer To Fall

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Transitioning Your Skincare & Makeup From Summer To Fall

After a few months with warm weather, beach days and the poolside girl talk this summer, who else is just a little excited to greet the cooler temperature of fall? Rather than just trading in your maxi dresses for leather jackets, naturally, just like your wardrobe when prepping for a new season your skincare and makeup bag need a little update too.


Explore a new facial wash, moisturizer and face oil:

To protect your skin from the dryer and cooler weather to come, it’s necessary that your facial wash and moisturizer are even more hydrating than your current one. The cool air sucks out of about twenty five percent of its ability to hold moisture. Therefore, the skin will need more attention.


Even when you include plenty of hydration in your skincare, when it comes to what’s in your makeup bag, it can be an ideal time to switch to matte. Who isn’t obsessed with a beaming glow all year around? It keeps the skin looking healthy and vibrant. However, a matte finish foundation, lipstick, or blush will add more depth and compliment the fall season so well. It’s also a divine time to play with deeper hues.


You absolutely can have oily skin in the winter and dry skin in the summer or the reverse. Therefore, to personalize your routine is perfect. And prepare your skin for a new beauty routine. It’s really hard to find the perfect regime, but there is no doubt that you can find an ideal one. Consider this routine and shape it to fit your skin’s preference.



  1. Consider a skin mist to revitalize the skin and add a surge of vitality when you rise.
  2. Add a rich hydrating oil or serum following your morning cleanse, like Rose Hip oil or Jojoba.
  3. Before applying your foundation, opt for a radiance boosting primer for longevity throughout the day.


Night Time:

  1. Switch to an oil cleanser to remove makeup, instead of a standard makeup remover, which can strip oils that are needed in cooler weather.
  2. Lightly exfoliate more often. The skin will replenish while removing old dead cells, which now build up quicker.
  3. Try a dew enhancing sheet mask before bed, one infused with natural oils to nourish the skin.

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