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Author Interview: Dr Zorica Gojkovic Non Fiction Author

Meet The Author

Author Interview: Dr Zorica Gojkovic Non Fiction Author

This month CTM read and reviewed Workings Of Energy In The Human Energy Field, by Dr Z Govjovic. The five star book review, and details about the book can be read here. We had a wonderful opportunity to interview the author also.

CTM: What was your inspiration for this book?

When I started giving psychic readings I saw how energy behaved in the human energy field, the human aura.  I saw thoughts, feelings, the person’s history and the person’s divine aspect as energy.  All these energies interacted to create the person’s life.  I wanted to share what I saw as a way to help people create more fulfilling lives.

CTM: How did you handle it when you first learned you had a talent to read people ?

I was born clairvoyant so the shock came–rather late in life–when I discovered that not everyone had the same abilities.  It was a moment of revelation, “Oh, now I understand . . . ” why people were the way they were.
CTM: Do you have a history of such talent in your family?

I grew up in a culture where those things were normal and, yes, I had in my family members who had those abilities, but like me, they don’t think of them as anything special since they grew up with those abilities.
CTM:What advice would you give to those who which to explore their abilities?

Don’t do it as a game or for sensational reasons.  If you have a deep genuine desire to open more of your abilities, then I suggest you read the Seth books by Jane Roberts.

CTM:Will you be writing more works of this nature?

Possibly.  I certainly have many of them in my mind, but it’s a gigantic project to write even the shortest book, so we’ll see.

CTM What top tips would you give to others to remain centred, with good energy surrounding them? Do you have any personal nuggets to wisdom.

Confront and transform any energies of hate, resentment, jealousy, bitterness, anger . . . . Strive to feel love and joy in your heart and live from that place.

CTM: What genre do you enjoy reading?

I received my Ph.D. in English, so I read and read and read – the serious stuff during — all my years in school and now I read for fun.  I love Westerns, mysteries and science fiction.

CTM: How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?

It affirmed that writing is a lot easier and faster with good, thorough planning

CTM: Was there ever a time you wanted to pick up your laptop, and then launch it out the window with frustration?

No, I’ve not had that experience.  I do know that many authors suggest you sit in front of the computer until you write something.  I don’t think that’s helpful for everybody.  For me, the ideas come and when they’re there I capture them.  Then there can be a small break as the subconscious works on the book and then the ideas are back and I capture them.  It’s more of an organic way to write, to work with your natural flow.  If I get stuck, I just let it go and let my subconscious work it out:  It always does.  Just walk away from it for a little, and the ideas come.  It’s the tight focus that prevents the solution to the problem.  A little break gives the subconscious an opportunity to resolve the issue.

CTM: Are you a “plotter” or a fly by the seat of your pants “pantster” as a writer?

For non-fiction I absolutely lay out the entire book before writing.  For fiction the idea comes to me and I get curious and ask questions and get answers.  The answers are from the entire book, scenes, conversations, locations, characters . . . and they all, miraculously, come together.

CTM:Am I the only one who gets hung up on commas? Do they make you go blah! when you’re writing?

I have an opinion about that.  I find too many commas distracting, especially in fiction.  I like to use them when they allow for better understanding, and leave them out if they don’t help.

CTM:Every writer has a word(s) that they always slip up on when they write, then slap their forehead when they notice their typo. For me it’s further and farther exit or exists-  but hey I’m over it now.  Do you have a word (s) that make you go blah! Go away not another damn typo.

When I’m deep into writing, I tend to go to phonetic spelling, as I think many people do, then later catch it and correct it.  It’s no big deal, though.  The harder thing is not noticing things like peak and peek.  And that’s when you need a good proof reader.

CTM: Don’t for get piqued that spelling for the use of the word peek and peak also tripped me up!

CTM: What’s your favourite movie?

Dr. Zhivago and the first Blade Runner.  Incredibl

CTM:What music do you like?

I like the music by Aeoliah, Deuter, Liguid Mind, Dean Evenson, Cesaria Evora, Buena Vista Social Club, classic rock .

CTM: What three tips would you give any aspiring writer?

Only write if you feel deep down in your soul that you MUST.  Otherwise, forget about it.  For a writer it’s you either write and you’re happy or you don’t write and you’re unhappy.  If it’s that way for you, then write, otherwise, really, just let it go.

CTM: What are you working on now? What will you release next?

I am revising my science fiction novel, Ariel, and plan to have it out fall 2018.  This is true love.  Makes my heart sing.

CTM: So… where can we get your books?

Anywhere books are sold . . . Amazon, Barnes and Noble . . . any book outlet.

Book Review: The Workings Of Energy In The Human Energy Field.


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