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Autumn & Winter 2017 My Go To Fashion

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Autumn & Winter 2017 My Go To Fashion


Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons for fashion, the big fluffy jumpers and the over the top scarves are just what I need as the colder weather draws in. When looking for the right outfit during these seasons, my main thought is ‘will this be warm enough?’ ‘What can I use with this to make into an outfit that will stand out?’ Recently, I have been loving the big jumper with the denim skirt look, it looks effortlessly chic and you don’t need to put in too much effort for it to work for you. Seriously, ANYONE can look good in a jumper and denim skirt.

Using such a simple outfit, this gives you so much room to style it with different accessories and create a focal point. For example, if you have a plain white jumper, you can use an embroidered floral denim skirt to be the main attraction. Or have a plain skirt and a printed jumper, do you see? There are so many different ways an outfit can be transformed from just a simple jumper and skirt, to something that can be made into a signature style.

Scarves always make a comeback during the autumn/winter seasons they bring together an outfit while keeping you nice and toasty during the colder days. For me, scarves take away the attention of your outfit, so if you feel like your outfit may have not been the best, you can rely on your scarf to steal the limelight.

Do you have a go to statement outfit that makes you feel like a million dollars? Mine is definitely a jumper and denim skirt!

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