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A Call For Racial Unity Within The Transgender Community


A Call For Racial Unity Within The Transgender Community


With a ban on Transsexuals looming within the LGBTQ military community, this is a perfect opportunity for Caucasian and non- Black or ethnic  Transsexual community members to unite with Transsexual people of color. Between the bigotry and violence this community faces, the two sides could possibly achieve more by  removing  the feeling of being separate, even though both sides are members of the same community regardless of skin color.


In a climate where hate and ignorance run rampant the only thing that could possibly combat this is love. The way the USA  rallied Agent Orange and his minions of hate, this type of unity is needed to gain the respect that’s needed for the community.

With the ban on Transsexual members of the military postponed, there is another issue which needs to be addressed– violence against Transsexual women of color.  If there is true sincere wish to improve things for the better of the community the public should be made aware of these incidences.

Another thing that isn’t highlighted much is the violence that may happen against Transsexual men. The LGBTQ community would encourage that the public are informed, and  fully understand the wrath the community face.

Just this  year alone in 2017, twenty Transsexual women of color have been murdered. Last year there were twenty- seven Transsexual women of color murdered. The sickening part of this issue is when it happens, the news is not published in the media or  on social media often enough.  In order for non-members of the LGBTQ community to have full comprehension of the LGBTQ community,  lifestyle, as well as the issues that impact them.  All aspects need to be highlighted and published in order for there to be empathy and understanding toward the community.

To further bring the point home, here’s a great example of how unity helps the cause. Proposition 8 in California, it took great work for it to pass. Yet, everyone put their differences aside to achieve this , now same-sex marriage is legal in all fifty states.


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