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Cannabis Is Just A Polite Name For Marijuana

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Cannabis Is Just A Polite Name For Marijuana


CTM  have focused on the issue of Cannabis: should it be legal?

The moment we hear the word “Cannabis” and “medicinal usage” put in the same sentence, can send many to Google to start researching. Research will show you that the cannabis plant is used in a high amount of medicinal research, to battle many illness and diseases. Though discussions online are often controversial, many tackle the production restrictions against its studies for medical research, some favorably, others against. A lot of the pages, however, agree that cannabis has properties that helps against nausea and vomiting induced by chemo therapy, muscles spasms, induce a greater appetite for HIV positive patients, and even calm sufferers of Alzheimer’s. However, cannabis can also be addictive and long-term usage can harm the users as well. Schizophrenia is among the extensive list of possible effects for long term users, along with heart conditions.

Like in many other countries it is illegal in Palestine. With underage smoking happening, it could be suggested that a restriction of recreational usage should continue, as well as the trade punishable by law.

There are plenty of substances out there a determined person can get high on, like pills, cough medicine, alcohol, to name a few. They all come with their own set of side effects.

Despite all the restrictions Cannabis, gets more popular among youth by the day. Like anywhere else in the world, a person determined to get high can and will find a resource, with the right set of words to the right set of ears.

It could be argued that the drug has potential healing properties that can help patients, despite its many faux pas. Obviously there should be more conducive research into medical use. Possibly if impediment of studies are lifted, or loosened some, great prescriptive medications can result.

Take for example Belladonna, also known as night shade, which is a deadly plant with poisonous berry like fruit, that can cause death when ingested. Belladonna has been used before, centuries ago for medicinal uses and still is today. Components of the plant are extracted to produce effective prescriptive drugs, that are used around the world against inflammation, colic, asthma, as pain sedatives, and anesthetics among many others. But of course, the more desperate ones use it recreationally as a hallucination drug.



Jina was born in a small town in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she had a fulfilling childhood. Soon after she graduated from high school, she was diagnosed with a chronic disease that eventually caused her to go blind. Currently she lives in the middle east with her mother and three kids.

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