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Should Cannabis Be Legal? Medical vs Habit

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Should Cannabis Be Legal? Medical vs Habit

CTM have focused on the issue of Cannabis: should it be legal?

Cannabis is not legal in my part of the world. I don’t agree with the suggestion that opening dispensaries, to produce it will make a difference. Cannabis can be found in a lot of different areas, so why now legalize it? What is the reason why it may become legal? Is it used for treatments for illnesses? I just can’t grasp the fact that it will be legalized.

Generally, I don’t think Cannabis should be legalized, only for medical reasons. I don’t know 100% if it is considered a good aid to help people with illness, or other things. However, I do believe it should be downgraded to a less harmful drug. Cannabis is not a bad drug.  But as studies have shown it can be used to help a lot of people for medical reasons, therefore it shouldn’t be upgraded at all. At least that’s my opinion on it.

I believe for medical use some do use it.  I have read to understand that CBD is different from the THC form of drug.  If the drug Cannabis is used for medical reasons only, I would agree to vote yes for it to be legal, I wouldn’t mind if it’s a legalized pain reliever. I have seen and read about it in the media, people smoking Cannabis, explained their disorders or illnesses as a reason why they use it. They have been prescribed it. If the drug isn’t being used for that sort of reason I don’t agree that it should be legalized.

In my view no, generally it doesn’t lead to people using a harsher drug. However, people have their own preferences and tolerances. People around the world who use Cannabis as a habit, for fun, or just to get by in life and just to cope with problems they are facing, may allow the drug to take over. Even cause them to find something stronger to use. People with medical issues or who have been prescribed the drug, I absolutely feel that they are the ones who can collect themselves, and use the amount of Cannabis they have been prescribed for the illness.

Cannabis is not as bad. People may think or say it is, I absolutely don’t think the drug can mess your body function up, unless over use it. In some cases, the body may not want to function if users allow it to break them down, and depend upon it.  Depending on the circumstance of how they use it, and how much the body can tolerate to function from the drug. Cannabis isn’t bad, but the intentions of people using it can be.  I’m pretty sure the doctors who research the drug, or study it, understand what it can do for people with different types of illnesses. They have more of a say than anyone, because it’s their job to study Cannabis and the pros and cons. Yes, I agree people make it out to be a  bad drug sometimes. I don’t smoke, but personally my opinion on others using it shouldn’t determine if it should be legalized. What should be used as an opinion to legalize it are those who use it for medical reasons, or studies that show it helps make a difference with illness, I’m for it.

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