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Should Cannabis Be Made Available For Multiple Sclerosis Patients?

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Should Cannabis Be Made Available For Multiple Sclerosis Patients?

CTM have focused on the issue of Cannabis: should it be legal?

The MS Society is currently calling for the legalisation of cannabis to be reconsidered. There is now enough evidence to support the role that cannabis can have in helping MS patients, and because of this they are calling on these laws to be relaxed.

The role cannabis has in helping people with MS is something that has been discussed and debated for many years. There are many accounts of people saying that is has greatly helped them with their symptoms, and enabled them to live fuller lives. There is now growing evidence that cannabis can be used to help people particularly who suffer from pain, muscle spasms and spasticity.

There are medications available to help with these symptoms but it has been estimated that one in ten people with MS are unable to be treated by medication currently available on the NHS (National Health Trust). This can end up forcing people into the difficult situation of deciding whether to try and obtain the drug illegally, to help relieve their often relentless symptoms. This can result in putting themselves at risk of taking substances that they do not know the content and dosage of. They also face the risk of up to five years in prison for having possession of the drug.

Currently there is one medically approved cannabis treatment available in the UK, called Sativex. Even though this is legal for people to obtain for their MS symptoms it is currently unavailable in most parts of the UK, on the NHS, and it is expensive to purchase privately.

With the Home Office currently having no plans to legalise cannabis, it seems this debate will be going on for the foreseeable future.  However with more and more evidence coming to light surely this needs to be seriously re considered. Doctors, The Liberal Democrats and The Green Party are all supporting the MS Society’s call.


Heather is a 28 year old actor and teacher who live in the South East of England. She has a degree in English and Drama and has always had a passion for writing and photography. Heather blogs about life with MS and is currently writing her first book. She also loves donkeys and dinosaurs.

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