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The Cruelty Free Makeup & Beauty Brands You Need To Know

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The Cruelty Free Makeup & Beauty Brands You Need To Know

Having seen a lot of articles about animal testing and a little bit of controversy around brands that test on animals, I started a twitter poll on my twitter, on whether knowing a brand is cruelty free will have an impact on whether you buy from them. Seeing as so many of you voted that yes, you are most likely to buy from a brand if they’re cruelty free, (77% of twenty two votes) I’ve put my knowledge and research on this subject into a list of some brands that are cruelty free! And some I am sure you’ll be surprised to see…

The Body Shop: The Body Shop has been one of the leading cruelty free brands in the beauty industry so far,  even creating a worldwide petition for animal testing to banned. If you’re looking for natural products – with most of them being vegan friendly, you need to check them out. Their makeup section is becoming one of the most innovative, as well with them creating lightening and darkening drops for you to mix with your foundations if you need to.

Lush:  Mostly skincare and bath time products are all handmade – which Lush pride themselves on, and so they should! Much like The Body Shop they also make everyone aware that they have never and will never test on animals. Not only are they cruelty free but they also actively advocate for the end of animal testing, and if you didn’t love them enough already, most if not all of their packaging is made from recycled material.

Clinique: I have known Clinique to be cruelty free for as long as I can remember. I also don’t think it gets enough credit either, as a lot of high end brands tend to steer clear of the whole cruelty question whereas Clinique have always started that they’ll never test on animals.

Pixi Beauty: This cult favourite beauty and skincare brand prides itself on being suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin as they’re dermatologically tested and paraben free, meaning that no harsh chemicals have been added to their products. Even better, they’re cruelty free too.

Burt Bees: The skincare brand has been around for years, with their lip balms being the most known product from their range, and I am not surprised their lip balms are some of the best as they hydrate your lips a lot. Also they don’t dry your lips out, which a lot of lip balms do over time.

Soap and Glory: The drugstore skincare and makeup brand  has been under the radar for many years, however  recently it has been up and coming with many influencers reviewing their products which as led to  more exposure.

Natural Collection at Boots: The proof is in the title, anything with ‘natural’ is of course bound to be cruelty free (I’d hope). The natural collection has been going for years at Boots however, I don’t think it gets as much exposure as it should do, it is all nature based, cruelty and vegan free allowing absolutely anyone to use their products without thinking of the negatives behind makeup.

Marc Jacobs: I was surprised to see  this range amongst the cruelty free brands list, one because it is such a luxurious brand that – as harsh as this may seem, they don’t need to worry about how they manufacture or test their products. Consumers are still going to buy from the brand due to its name and reputation,  they’d still end up making profit. However, I am pleased to see such a high end brand using their notoriety in the beauty world to show that your products don’t have to be tested to be popular.

Anastasia Beverly Hills: The social media favourite, is also cruelty free which  makes it even better. Like Marc Jacobs the luxurious brand could have had the opportunity to test on animals matching with China’s regulations, so they could sell their products there. However  the Russian born brand chose to steer clear of that path. And stay on the road of ethical testing on family and friends.

There are so many more brands I could have listed that you may never have known to be cruelty free, so I hope this has helped you to be aware of the alternatives to makeup brands that may unnecessarily test on animals, don’t be afraid to go cruelty free!

Aspiring journalist with a love of all things beauty.

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