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Four Vegan Friendly Restaurants and Tapas Bars in Granada (Spain)


Four Vegan Friendly Restaurants and Tapas Bars in Granada (Spain)

Vegan and vegetarians often struggle to try to find a place to eat when travelling ―particularly when being in a country whose traditional dishes are meat or fish based―. The Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia has recently pointed out Granada as the most vegan-friendly city in Spain. Its cosy restaurants in historical locations don’t deserve less. Whether you are a vegan or vegetarian or not, here is a list of five delicious vegan-friendly restaurants in Granada.

1. El Piano
Located in the picturesque and multicultural quarter, El Realejo, El Piano is one of the most popular vegan restaurants in Granada. It was founded in York (UK) and then moved to the sunny Southern Spain. Its main objective: combine vegan and gluten-free food in delicious dishes. Most of the products used in the kitchen are grown in a local orchard. Doing so, El Piano promotes local farms and kilometre zero products, contributing to a less environmental impact.

2. Hicuri Art Vegan
Located in El Realejo as well, Hicuri has a philosophy based on three points: improve your health, respect animals and respect the planet. Seasonal food is offered and a daily menu is also available for less than 14 € (around 17 USD).

3. Babel World Fusion
Babel is a nice place for groups of vegans and non-vegans. This vegan-friendly tapas bar merges different tastes from all over the world with the traditional Spanish tapas. It’s situated in Calle Elvira, in the foothills of Albayzín (in front of Caderería Nueva Street), one of the ancient quarters of the Moslem Granada.


Calderería Nueva Street (Author: Martin Furtschegger, CC3.0)

4. Eco De·leite
What about having an ice-cream? Eco De·Leite, situated in El Realejo as well, offers a wide variety of dairy free ice-creams made with natural products. The non-dairy free ones are made with fresh milk; therefore, both vegans and non-vegans can enjoy a natural and delicious ice-cream. When visiting Granada in summer, an ice-cream ―or ice-coffee― is definitely a reward.

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Paloma was born in 1989 in Southern Spain. She is currently working on her PhD in Brazil, where she is experiencing a different culture. As a passionate language learner, she could discover several cultures and lifestyles, while enjoying multi-cultural atmospheres. She has been living in three countries so far, and visited many more. In 2016, she began teaching Spanish as a second language, what allows her to know more about other cultures and backgrounds, this time thorough her students’ eyes. As a traveller and multi-culture lover, she aims to exchange experiences and points of views to broaden her horizons. When she isn’t teaching or learning, her other passions include being outside enjoying nature, travelling, reading books about any topic (preferably written by women with varied backgrounds) and knitting (yes, one of those ‘Grandma’s hobbies”).

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