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Interracial Relationships, Why Are They A Problem?

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Interracial Relationships, Why Are They A Problem?

My thoughts on interracial relationships around the world is that I don’t have a problem. I don’t really see what’s the problem, or why people are against it. It shouldn’t matter, I shouldn’t have to feel I’m offending anyone if I were to date outside my race. I’m glad people are really standing up for their lover and true love, I disagree with the opinion of people who can’t get along with or get over this fact.

I see no problem with it, but in my world and community today, folks, in general will talk down to you or about you for dating outside of your race. Family members can get into your business and try to break up your relationship, just because someone’s skin is not tolerable. If I had a daughter in that situation I would make my son in law feel comfortable. The color of his skin should not matter. If he is who my daughter grew to love and be with I’m okay with that decision. But in reality, it isn’t fair to others who have to stop loving who they love.

I’ve seen movie clips of interracial couples, and it looked horrible seeing what people made them go through. Just to become one, or be together in an interracial relationship. I love the fact that black and white can join and marry, or just be together as a couple. I know some people may not get over this, but we are in newer times, and the world keeps changing and new things will be revealed.

My judgement on interracial couples that plan on being together–do it. Don’t stop because of other people’s opinions. Celebrate, show your love for one another. In a situation like this I think long, deep and hard because it can affect people lives. Some, (not all) may stop dating outside their race because of what other people think about them. I am a person looking in on interracial couples from an outside stand point. I don’t judge because of color, I give my opinion the treatment of interracial couples is not fair. According to me, if interracial dating wasn’t a free choice to do somehow, I would want to make this my duty to make it a free choice. But I don’t see it as a crime to be free to dated another race. Nobody has a say in it, but the people who are dating each other. I hope around the world people can find it in themselves to let it happen. Stop giving your own two cents when it isn’t a valid reason to do so.

CTM interviewed the award winning author Ben Burgess, the author of the novel Black and White. This novel touches on issues that surround interracial relationships. Meet the author and read his interview here.

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