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Milo Yiannopoulos’s Interracial Union: Is This His Wake Up Call?


Milo Yiannopoulos’s Interracial Union: Is This His Wake Up Call?

Dating outside your race is still a problem in this day and age. This shouldn’t be the case  yet it is. It’s really difficult if you’re gay and choose to explore what’s available. Sadly, as a nation of people, there is plenty of prejudices one must  face for being gay. This week Milo Yiannopoulos married his longtime boyfriend.

Essentially this shouldn’t be news because interracial dating is nothing new. Loving vs loving made it legal to marry your spouse of a different ethnicity.  There have  been countless articles bashing this union. Are they justified in their opinions?  Not necessarily because this union is between Yiannopoulos and his husband.

While researching  Yiannopoulos  it appeared  he is associated with the far-right politically. Who don’t like minorities or gays. While researching him there were a few facts discovered.  It could be suggested that he loves  to rub others  the wrong way. The interviews  watched helped to conclude a few things, he’s the male Tami Lohren. The first couple of interviews had some humor in, but a bit obnoxious at times. The interview he had with Kate Andrews was just mind-blowing to watch. He does the same thing as Lohren, states random falsehoods with no truth to them.

Watching these interviews  it could possibly  lead people to think he’s part of the far-right. Or he’s in love with their ideologies. It’s now understandable why a lot of people see  irony in his choice of partners. The main thing people failed to realize is “all skin folk aren’t kinfolk.” It’s mind boggling that someone can hook up with a person who has views  like this.

So, questions and concerns are  will his views change now he’s married to a black man? Will his partner be able to articulate our flights to change the views of conservatives? Being a mixed gay couple will make him subject to some discrimination. Hopefully, this union will open his eyes to things minority people face. He has an active following so hopefully, with his influence, this ignorance will stop being perpetuated.

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