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How To Reduce Your Supermarket Spend For Your Family

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How To Reduce Your Supermarket Spend For Your Family


When you have a family, it can seem like your food shop bill keeps going up and up, as your children get bigger and their appetites increase… At the moment, lots of supermarkets have been putting their prices up. Is this because of Brexit? Is this because of trades? We can’t be sure but what we can be sure of is that our pockets are feeling it. Reducing your food bill can seem difficult but below are just a few simple steps you can take to help keep make some savings.

  1. Batch cook. This doesn’t mean you have to stand in your kitchen all day every Sunday and cook like crazy, it simply means when you cook a meal make extra. For example, whenever you make a pasta bake always make twice as much, it’s easy to throw in a few extra handfuls of pasta, an extra can of tomatoes and another onion which is always enough to then provide a few portions to add to the freezer for the future. When you cook bigger portions, it tends to cost less as you have the ingredients in, and it saves time in the future so you are less likely to do that ‘extra shop’ mid -week which soon adds up.
  2. Plan ahead. Before you go shopping make sure you plan ahead as to what you want to eat during the week. Work out your meals and see which ones work out well– if you’re planning a roast chicken dinner on a Sunday, why not schedule a risotto using the chicken stock from the chicken for the Monday and any left- over veg can also be thrown in? Planning like this helps you to see where ingredients can be used more than once
  3. Stick to your list. The supermarkets can be oh-so appealing with the various special offers, and beautifully packaged items but do not be taken in by them, instead stick to your list. Don’t be fooled!
  4. Avoid processed foods. They may look cheap and easy but actually it usually works out cheaper to make your own (never mind healthier). A pack of mince, an onion, an egg and some breadcrumbs can make you several tasty homemade burgers. A cup of lentils, two carrots, an onion and some spices bind together beautifully to make eight lentil burgers, and costs less than a pound. Processed foods tend to be overly priced and overly packed with sugar and salt.
  5. Avoid branded items. It can be easy to stick to buying well known products, but you would be surprised by how other items compare. So many people aren’t able to tell the difference between branded products and supermarket own brands. Simple a few different ones and you will find that you prefer some of the cheaper alternatives.

There are many ways you can cut your supermarket spending down and it doesn’t have to be complicated. A little extra planning and thought can really go a long way when it comes to reducing what you spend

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A background in psychology and counselling Laura has her own business. She edits and proofreads novels and loves all things book-related. A keen interest in oncology, mental health and self development Laura likes to write in health and wellbeing as well as parenting and family.

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