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The Truth About You, Me and Us by Kate Field

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The Truth About You, Me and Us by Kate Field


This is Kate Field’s second novel. Her first, The Magic of Ramblings won her the Joan Hessayon Award at the RNA conference this summer. I really enjoyed reading her first novel, so couldn’t wait to get my hands on The Truth About You Me and Us when it was published last month.

The story is about Helen, a single mum to Megan who is due to start school the following year. Helen has spent the last four years turning her life around, so that she can give Megan everything she needs. She has left her past life behind, set up her own sewing business and managed to support them both in a little house where she has felt secure and safe. Of course, secure and safe can’t be around forever (not in the novel world anyway!).  Soon Helen’s world is turned upside down by the arrival of Daniel- Megan’s father. Only Daniel isn’t aware Megan even exists and what will happen when he finds out?

It isn’t a novel about Daniel and Helen’s relationship and how Megan fits in to it all, there is much more to it than that like Helen trying to help further her business, despite there being many hurdles ahead, and what she will do when she meets Joel who tries to help her…

I really enjoyed this read because, like with The Magic of Ramblings, this story unfolds really gently. There isn’t long drawn out scenes and tension which lead you to shout at the characters to “just tell them the truth!” Instead it’s more natural which made me really enjoy it. I particularly liked how the relationship between Helen and Daniel changes very gradually throughout the book. Also as Helen begins to realise certain things about her relationship so do we, the reader, and it is very subtly done which I think is very clever.

This book isn’t full of dramatic scenes and tension, but at the same time there is enough happening to make you want to keep reading. I sometimes find books of this genre predictable but this one wasn’t, I did keep wondering which way Helen would go and I found it inspiring how she began to have more confidence and believe in herself. I really liked that it wasn’t a man who made her that way but herself, the fact she put everything in to her business and creating a new life for her and her daughter. It makes a change from it being a man who has to be around to have a female character achieve that.

This is a really enjoyable read. I was lost in the story and wanted to know what happened with the characters. They were so well developed that I think a sequel is needed, because I’m not ready to let go of them yet!

If you’re looking for a book which is easy to read and full of wonderful descriptions and well-crafted characters, then this is definitely for you. It will leave you feeling positive and inspired. Another five star read from Kate Field… is this as good as The Magic of Ramblings? Yes I think it is!

A background in psychology and counselling Laura has her own business. She edits and proofreads novels and loves all things book-related. A keen interest in oncology, mental health and self development Laura likes to write in health and wellbeing as well as parenting and family.

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