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Baby’s First Christmas Handmade Gifts

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Baby’s First Christmas Handmade Gifts

So it’s coming up to that time of year where the shops are full of Christmassy gifts and decorations and we are all beginning to think about what to buy. When there is a new baby in the family at Christmas time it always seems that be more exciting, even though they are too young to fully appreciate the magic. When it’s a baby’s 1st Christmas, I always like to buy them something special, something handmade and a bit different so that it will be cherished.

But where to begin? And what if you don’t want to spend a lot of money? Etsy is a brilliant place to start- full of handmade goodies from all around the world, you are sure to find something for all budgets. Below are just some little gems that you may love.

Personalised 1st Christmas wooden bauble

This beautiful wooden star is very affordable at just £5. It can be personalised so you can have the baby’s name added, and the date too if you wish. It’s perfect to hang from the tree or to have on display every year. It’s very simple in design, no bright colours or copious amounts of glitter so ideal for those who like a rustic-styled Christmas.

Baby’s 1st Christmas print.

This print is the perfect gift to unwrap on Christmas morning and cherish. It is 8″ x 10″ and comes with a mount. Upon ordering, you can select the skin tone for the child as well as the details of the name and year you would like- we think this is a beautiful print. It’s £25 so one of our higher recommendations but simply stunning.

1st Christmas santa hat

So, you’re enjoying Christmas dinner and you are all wearing your Christmas hats,  and just look at this! Baby can have their own special hat too which will look fab in all the photos. These hats are made to order, you select the size you’d like and a style too (with or without a bow). They are £12 and we love them!

Baby’s 1st Christmas vest

There are plenty of baby’s 1st Christmas outfits that you can choose from, but this simple vest is just perfect as ideal for a baby girl or a baby boy and easy to put on a baby. I don’t know about you but when everything is chaotic on Christmas Day,  one may not  have the time to be wrestling a baby into a fancy outfit. A simple vest-perfect! This is available in lots of sizes- from 0 months right up until two years. It’s 100% cotton and very cute.

Baby’s 1st Christmas keepsake spoon

How about something a little different that will be kept as a keepsake? This beautiful spoon that comes in a stunning gift box, it’s vintage and silver plated. You can choose stars or hearts as the motifs and add the name and date too if you wish. We think these are simply stunning!

There are lots and lots of options out there for buying gifts and decorations to celebrate a baby’s first Christmas, and these are just a select few. The handmade touch in all of the above items give the gifts more of a sentimental feeling, which is what a baby’s 1st Christmas is all about. And it shows you can buy something special and sentimental without breaking the bank as there is something for all budgets.

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