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Christmas Gifts That Count

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Christmas Gifts That Count

Finding that perfect Christmas gift isn’t always easy. Especially when you’re on a budget, prefer your gift to be heartfelt, or even if you’re shopping for those practically impossible recipients. So, what do you give the person who already has it all? The picky nit pickers who only enjoy the most expensive luxuries in life? Or even those long distance loved ones who you really don’t know that much about?

The list goes on and on. Gift giving holidays can be extremely overwhelming. But, when it comes to the type of gift that will be truly appreciated, and remembered for that matter, it really doesn’t need to be quite as hard as we think. Here are a few helpful gifting tips that will hopefully knock that stress down a notch.

Gifts revolving around experiences:

Physical items can be tossed aside and forgotten, or even used up then forgotten. Life experiences are not so easily brushed into a corner. Any kind of gift that involves some sort of activity is not only remembered, but it’s also (more often than not) appreciated. Gifting an experience is tailor made. It involves a little research and effort. Also, keep in mind that if it’s an activity you can join in on with your recipient, then it’ll be even better!  Here are just a handful of experience gifting ideas. They sky is the limit.

  • Concert tickets
  • Amusement/theme park passes
  • Golf course voucher
  • Manicure/pedicure gift certificate (best in groups)
  • Pre-paid massage appointment
  • Pre-paid beer tab at a local bar or pub
  • Restaurant gift cards
  • Local event passes/tickets such as fight night, rodeo, fair, carnival, and so on
  • Paintball and/or laser tag day passes
  • Paint night reservations
  • A specialty course or sorts, such as a cooking or dance class
  • Tickets to a play, ballet, or movie theater.
  • Appointment with a Medium or Tarot card reader
  • Matching tattoo appointment

Gifts that are personalized:

In this day and age practically anything can be personalized, and it can be done at minimal expense. Anytime you are online looking at decor, fashion accessories, outdoor or garden gear, and so on. Whatever site you are shopping on, type ‘personalized’ into the search bar, you may be surprised at what they have to offer. Leather can be punched, leaving beautiful written messages. Glass and wood can be burnt, casted, and etched. Photos can be cropped and placed on a gorgeous personalized canvas. Cloth can be embroidered. Again, the list is practically endless. Dig deep, shop around, and personalize something heartfelt for your loved one. You don’t even have to spend a fortune, and the item will likely be cherished for some time to come. Here are just a few ideas of affordable items that can be easily and personalized. And, of course if all else fails there is always YouTube tutorials on how to personalize these items yourself… just a thought.

  • Jewelry (men’s and women’s… think of everything, even watches and leather bracelets. This goes far beyond that thousand dollar ring.)
  • Wallets and/or belts
  • Towels
  • Blankets
  • Clothing and/or cloth accessories (gloves, hats, scarfs, undies, and so on.)
  • Cutlery and/or small kitchen appliances
  • Wall decor (think mirrors, photos, shelves and more)
  • Wine racks
  • Gardening essentials

Last but not least, homemade gifts:

Don’t panic, it’s not as bad as it sounds. You don’t necessarily have to be a talented crafty crafter to do homemade gifts. You also don’t need to be a Pinterest whiz. While these things can obviously help, you don’t necessarily have to master these arts. No matter the task at hand, there is usually a short cut or a way around it. Think kits! Do it yourself kits with already measured and prepared material are not so hard to come by. You can also think food. Don’t just make a tasty treat to share, but put it in the type of dish that will be loved (you can even personalize the dish!) You can also share the actual recipe of said treat on an adorable keepsake recipe paper. This way you are not only giving a stack of cookies, but you are giving an entire beautified and affordable package!

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