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Five Positive Affirmations To Say With Our Children

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Five Positive Affirmations To Say With Our Children

The things we say to our kids daily affects their lives forever. A child’s subconscious thought is a direct result of their day to day lifestyle, conversation, and routine. Speaking to our kids in a positive manner is imperative for their confidence and growth. A helpful step that can often be missed is teaching children about the meaning and importance of Affirmations. In other words, showing our kids how to speak to and about themselves.

It can be said that setting an example of self-love and positive reassurance can be among the most impact-full aspects of parenting. The way a child views themselves plays a part of their developing healthy social skills, self confidence, as well as their ability to learn and grow into happy successful adults.

Studies suggest that affirmations in routine can rout the human thought process, especially when using affirmations is started at a young age. A good time to say affirmations is while looking in the mirror with our children. Saying out loud positive things about themselves and their lives while they can see their faces and look into their own eyes can be deeply impacting for people of all ages, especially the innocent minds of children. The easiest way to set this practice as a part of our routines is to do it at a time when they’re already used to looking in the mirror with a parent. It can be just before or after brushing their teeth, or even while styling their hair.  Picking a time that is already routine, and teaching our children to say positive affirmations aloud while they are already doing what they’re used to doing makes it a natural task.

Here are five easy affirmations to say with our children that can instill confidence in a variety of aspects in life. It can be said that this will give them confidence physically, mentally, and emotionally:

1.“I love that I’m so … (insert a positive emotional aspect such as, ‘kind’, ‘patient’, ‘caring’)….”

2.“I love that I’m so … (insert a positive psychological aspect such as, ‘smart’, ‘awesome’, ‘confident’)…”

3.“I love my … (insert a physical aspect such as, ‘eyes’, ‘hair’, ‘body’) …”

4.“I love that I’m so good at … (insert a hobby or talent such as, ‘sports’, ‘art’, ‘singing’) …”

5.“I love and am grateful for my … (insert people that they love such as parents, siblings, or friends) …”

Always follow up a child’s affirmations with some of our own, so that the child can learn by example how natural and comforting the practice of positivism and self love can be.

For more interesting reading on child development around speech see:

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