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Sometimes It’s Just Nice To Be Nice: Help A Homeless Teenager This Holiday


Sometimes It’s Just Nice To Be Nice: Help A Homeless Teenager This Holiday

The holidays are upon us! This is the time of year where appreciation, gratitude, are exemplified. People appreciate that they’re in a position to provide.  Others feel the need to show gratitude by nice gestures or providing nice items.

Being that gay teens account for 40% of the teen homelessness. So, giving items to those shelters or foster homes would be a great gesture. During the holidays, most charities only collect for the younger children. Christmas is the most fun time of the year. Why rob these teens of the little innocence that they have left?

Another way to help teens in these shelters is providing your skills. If you are a skilled professional such as a hair-stylist, manicurist, barber. Providing your expertise will uplift them and provide a distraction from their daily struggles. Most people feel relaxed and rejuvenated after getting these types of services.

Legal professionals could assist these teens by obtaining emancipation papers or changing their names. The reason why this is a nice gesture because some teens will resort dangerous measures, to obtain the money to achieve these things. Doing those things will help rehabilitate these teens and help them become functional adults.

These things won’t solve their issues, but it’ll make the transition to their new lifestyle easier.

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