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4 Survival Tips For Meeting Your Significant Other’s Family

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4 Survival Tips For Meeting Your Significant Other’s Family

When the holiday season rolls around, it’s a time for family and friends to come together and enjoy each other’s company. This time of year, couples in committed relationships usually bring their significant other to family events. So, what happens when the time comes to meet your significant other’s family? Are you prepared? Are you nervous? Whether meeting their parents, grandparents or extended family, meeting any family member for the first time can be exciting as well as daunting. Every family is unique, has their own language, has their own expectations, and culture. Being introduced into their world can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve had a very different upbringing. First impressions are important, but they aren’t the end all be all, there will be other times to show the family who you are. Below are some tips to keep in mind before meeting the family.


  1. Remember, they want to meet you.

The family knows of your existence (hopefully!) and are already prepared to meet you and get to know the person who their family chose to be with. They probably want to meet you more than you want to meet them!

  1. Dress For The Occasion

With the holidays, there are probably going to be many friends and family dinners to be going to. This is the time to make the best impression possible. Dress to impress as they say! Make sure you know what the occasion is, whether formal or casual and dress accordingly.

  1. Ask Questions Before Meeting Them

Getting to know a bit about your significant other’s family before meeting them is a great idea! Don’t wait until the night of, ask questions throughout the relationship. Get to know who they are, what their interests are, the type of people they are. Going in blind will only increase your anxiety. For all you know, you and one of the family members might have something in common with, like a job or a hobby that you can bond over. You will never know unless you ask, so go ahead and feed your curiosity and get a sense of who your significant other’s family is like.


  1. Be Yourself!

As clichéd as this statement is, it’s very true. You don’t want to meet the family and put on a false persona because you’ll have to keep that up. Also, there is no need to change yourself. You are good enough as you are! It’s important to be confident in who you are and know that whether someone accepts or likes you isn’t the end of the world. Family members don’t even always get along or like each other, so if you don’t hit it off with a certain family member don’t be discouraged. Maybe you get along with the dad or the sister rather than the mom or grandparent, and that’s okay. Not all personalities will mesh well. The important part is to be true to you and overall be respectful.


Savannah has been writing since she was fifteen years old when she started a book series, which became popular online. She attended SCAD, studying Creative and Dramatic writing until she transferred to John Jay College of Criminal Justice to study Forensic Psychology. She now has a magazine called Millennial Mrs. and Mom that she writes while she finishes pursuing her education.

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