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Beauty Advent Calendars: Are They Worth It?

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Beauty Advent Calendars: Are They Worth It?

Over the past few years, beauty brands have been releasing their own take on the traditional chocolate advent calendars, otherwise known as ‘beauty advent calendars’ where you open up each day and get a beauty product from that brand inside. Sounds great, right? However, most of the time these beauty calendars come with a pretty hefty price tag. For example, the Lookfantastic one that I bought myself was £79, but the contents inside it is worth over £300, so am I wasting my money or is it worth it?

As nearly every beauty brand has their own variant of beauty advent calendar, I’ve been wondering, are they really worth the price? Let’s have a look at a few.

Clarins 12 Days of Beauty £60: I am not shocked at the hefty price tag Clarins has stuck on this 12 Days Calendar, after all Clarins is a luxury brand so therefore is bound to have a luxury price. However, there is only twelve days, not the usual twenty four – twenty five days. This would make a brilliant beauty advent calendar for a Clarins lover as there are so many great products in this and would be worth every penny, as the overall cost is almost quadruple the amount than you would be paying for this.

Overall worth: £230+.

24 Days of Clinique £75: Unlike Clarins, you get the typical twenty four day countdown with Clinique’s calendar, so of course it would be more expensive because of this. There are so many traditional products in this calendar and SPOILER: even a blush brush! We don’t always see brushes included within beauty calendars which is very refreshing to see. In my opinion, even though you get double the amount of products in this calendar, the Clarins calendar has full sized products, whereas with this Clinique one, you get a mix of travel sized and full sized products, so it really depends on whether you want to pay less for quality rather than quantity when it comes to these calendars.

Overall worth: £158.

The Body Shop: The Body Shop have released not one, not two, but three beauty advent calendars this year, The 25 Day Ultimate Game Changing Advent-ure, The 25 Day Standard Game Changing Advent-ure & 24 Day Beauty Advent Calendar.

25 Day Ultimate Game Changing Advent-ure £99: With this advent calendar, you get full sized products and two bathroom necessities all for yes, £99 but once you see the full worth of it you will see why it is such a good price, I hope! For me, this is probably the best of the three calendars as you get the better savings and a more variety of products! Not to mention, the packaging is amazing as well. In all honesty, most of the beauty advent calendars look stunning this year.

Overall worth: £214.

25 Day Standard Game Changing Advent-ure £65: If you’re a lover of the body shop shower range and lotions, you’ll love this one (hint hint). The reason this calendar is significantly cheaper than the Ultimate calendar is that most of the products are travel sized, so for those of you who like little miniatures then this would definitely be a win.

Overall worth: £116.

24 Day Beauty Advent Calendar £45: If you’re on more of a budget this year but still fancy treating yourself, or another body shop lover with one of their calendars, this one is way more affordable and just as good! With twenty four days, you get a mix of bath, skin and makeup products you even get something you can wear during the winter months, can you guess what it is?

Overall worth: £88.

BareMinerals Box Of Wonders Advent Calendar £75:

With twenty four days and a calendar worth way more than it is being sold for, you would think that is one of my favourite calendars in this article, but after reading the contents of the calendar I am a little underwhelmed. While some of the products in it are worth this money, some of them, also, aren’t SPOILER: A notepad and pen are part of the contents, my question is, why? If it is a beauty advent calendar. This is one of the biggest gambles we play when we choose to buy a beauty advent calendars it is that we may not like some of the products or use the products in the calendar. But of course, it ruins the fun if we choose to look at the contents online before buying.

Overall worth: £238

L’Occitane En Provence Luxury Advent Calendar £89

You aren’t saving an awful lot of money with this calendar compared to others in this article, however, we all know how expensive L’Occitane can be, so saving £30 on this is arguably, for this brand a good saving. You do also get twenty four days, with a very good variety of products from their brand, which also makes up for the lack of saving.

Overall worth: £129

The Beauty Countdown Estee Lauder £125: This is the first calendar I have listed that has a hefty price tag of over £100, however after seeing some of the luxury brands that will be making an appearance in this calendar along with Estee Lauder products, which we all know are already quite expensive, so its not surprising they have stuck this price tag on it, however, it has even less of a saving than the L’Occitane calendar. I have to say, it does also have a very unique shape to it unlike the other calendars who have stuck tot usual cubed shape.

Overall worth: £197

I could go on and on about these beauty calendars and more, but I have to stop somewhere!

Do you think beauty advent calendars are worth it? Or have you already bought one?

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