Don’t Wait Until World Aids Day, Today Is The Day.

Written by kdwilliams2008

World Aids Day has come and gone, however this is still the perfect time to have the all important HIV test.  According to the CDC, gay, bisexual, and any men who have sex with other men are the highest risk group. Representing an estimated 26,200 of the new HIV infections diagnosed. Overall African-Americans account for the most HIV infections  diagnosed, more than any other ethnicity.

Teen gay and bisexual men accounted for 84% of all new HIV diagnoses in people aged thirteen – twenty four in 2015, and young, African American gay and bisexual men are even more affected. Hispanics account for 24% of infections, they’re second after African-Americans. With that being said, safe sex is the best sex. Even though we live in a time where medicine is improving, everyone especially the LGBT community should still be tested twice a year. Especially if they’re active with different partners. If it’s a consistent partner then once a year.

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