LGBT News: Really Transparent

Written by kdwilliams2008

With men’s creepy transgressions coming to light, reputations are being tarnished. People are finally being held accountable for their actions. Women no longer have to hide in the shadows, men will understand that there is a time a place for everything. Or, pay dearly for their actions and lose their life’s work. Now, there is another man being accused of sexual harassment Jeffrey Tambor from Amazon’s ‘Transparent.’

This a critically acclaimed show that has won awards and it’s been on for four seasons. It’s about a man who is transitioning after having four grown kids. It’s one of the few shows that has a recurring transgender character.

Lysette, a transgender woman stated that he forced himself on her. Then rubbing his privates against her backside. Her full statement is listed below. Also, there is someone else who has  accused him of acting appropriately.  He has been accused of sexual harassment by his  assistant Van Barnes as well, but she didn’t give a full account of the encounter.

With this revelation coming to light, Tambor has resigned while the investigation is still pending.  It could be argued that ‘cowards run’, his actions are an automatic admission of guilt. If he was genuinely sorry this could’ve been handled in a better way. When you offend people, it’s obvious they normally whisper whenever you’re in the room, or ignore you. Once this behavior is noticed then you should pull them to the side to hash out your issues.

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