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New Year Inspriration: Re-fashioning Your Old Clothes

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New Year Inspriration: Re-fashioning Your Old Clothes

Are you tired of seeing your old clothes sitting in your drawers or  closet? Not sure you if want to throw them away? Maybe they take up space you could use for clothing you actually wear. You might think of tossing them out or giving them away, but how often do you really have the motivation? Then you may be inspired to make changes to your clothes, and update them with a more modern feel.

Clothes are made of fabric, which has endless possible uses. If you’ve grown tired of some of your clothes or you have clothes that don’t fit, you can revamp them, rather than throw them away. Have you thought of  creating different garments, making keepsakes, or using them to create home décor? You’ll never let good clothes go to waste again if you do.

Upcycling clothing is a creative way of repurposing clothing. It is also relatively easy; one does not need to be a sewing master to create new looks.

Old clothes can be used to make a variety of  new revamped items such  as accessories, skirts, blouses, and decorative items. Check out the references below or search on YouTube for more information and give yourself a new fashion statement for the New Year!


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Garima is from India and lives in Nigeria. She studied Biomedical Science from London and has been teaching science. She loves crocheting, cooking and teaching.

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