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Redefine Your Happiness In 2018

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Redefine Your Happiness In 2018

The time has come for another year! Us humans are funny about growth, change, and the passing of time. Every day is a new, and we hold the ability to progress, to define and redefine our happiness in the palm of our hands. 2017 may have been a great year for some, and it was likely devastating for others. The beauty of moving forward in time is that we can move toward peace and happiness, no matter what the past time has dealt us.

We will never be the exact same person as we were yesterday. It’s funny the way our bodies and minds inch their way into the future, picking up everything it can along the way. Studies show that the subconscious grasps onto everything in passing. Every little detail of our daily lives makes an impact on our aging process, even when we don’t realize it, it’s happening.

Each day ahead brings about a fresh clean canvas to paint, and a new page in the book of life to fill. The good news is that we get to paint our own canvas however we want and with whatever materials we have. We can also write our pages with our own words, our own style, and passion. Our surroundings, be it health, politics, and/or environmental circumstance will bring it’s own impacts to the table, but it’s what we do with those things that count.

It can be said that there is one thing we all long for, and that’s happiness. This outstanding pursuit dates back to the beginning of humanity. It’s a battle that can be won on one level and lost on another, all on the same day. It can also be said that a permanently dominant emotion is one that is developed over time. So how do we go about shaping that emotion into happiness? How do we fulfill such a pursuit?

Studies indicate that the answers to these questions are all in the eye of the beholder. One concept that may be a complete game changer, is doing at least one thing daily to work at your personal transformation. A total redefinition of personal well-being doesn’t happen overnight, but what better time to start at it than a new year? It can be said that the actions taken to get oneself on the right road to reach the prize of happiness at the end of your personal pursuit rainbow, can be obtained by actions in routine… as in daily.

The first step one can take is to make a happiness action checklist. It can be generic or tailor made. You can write one down, or even print one off.  Either way, us humans are visual creatures. Looking at an actual written list has been proven to help us achieve the actions on it. Read this list daily, and work at making it a routine to grasp onto several actions on the list. Make them happen! Below is a list of several choices that can be pulled from. Feel free to bookmark this page, print off the options, or even steel whichever actions you’d like to custom make your own daily pursuit of happiness actions checklist.

  • Surround Yourself With Positive People
  • Meditate
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Make Healthy Food Choices
  • Be More Active
  • Count Your Blessings… Literally
  • Be Consciously Kind
  • Swallow Complaints
  • Be Consciously Honest
  • Stop Comparing Yourself To Others
  • Make Wise Money Choices
  • Get More Sunshine
  • Maintain Good Hygiene
  • Find Humor In Little Things
  • Consciously Appreciate Your Loved Ones

Good luck on redefining your happiness in 2018!!

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Didi Oviatt is an intuitive soul. She’s a wife and mother first, with one son and one daughter. Her thirst to write was developed at an early age, and she never looked back. After digging down deep and getting in touch with her literary self, she's writing mystery/thrillers like Search For Maylee, Aggravated Momentum, The Stix, and New Age Lamians(a trilogy to be). Along with a six- piece short story collection called the Time Wasters. She’s also collaborated with Kim Knight in an ongoing interactive short story anthology The Suspenseful Collection. When Didi doesn’t have her nose buried in a book, she can be found enjoying a laid back outdoorsy life. Time spent sleeping under the stars, hiking, fishing, and ATVing the back roads of beautiful mountain trails, and bathing in the desert heat plays an important part of her day to day lifestyle.

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