Transgender Community: Making Power Moves In Politics

Written by kdwilliams2008


This election day was a historical feat because there were eight transgender people elected to office this year. All the victories were momentous, but there were some that hold quite a bit more significance.

Andrea Jenkins, an open transgender woman won a seat on Minneapolis city council. Yes, there have been other transgender people in office, but some others weren’t. Danica Roem, is another powerful win because the vote for her overruled a bigot who tried implementing the bathroom bill.

It’s no secret that women of color are marginalized in the world of politics. So, this is a huge win for the LGBT community and women of color. This will empower younger minorities to understand  that no goal is unobtainable.

Jenkins won the election by 73%, which means the general public are open to change. Roem’s victory showcases that the general public is willing to work together, to achieve a common goal, despite the misconceptions about transgender people.

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