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The Black Panther Movie: What Does This Mean For Black America?

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The Black Panther Movie: What Does This Mean For Black America?

What does Black Panther mean for black America? This means so much to people of color, because there has not been many films with an all black cast since the blaxploitation era. The last action film featuring a black lead actor didn’t receive great reviews, and the plot was below par. Black Panther received a perfect score from critics. This is a film with dark-skinned lead actors/actresses, in addition people of color aren’t featured as anything derogatory.  For example a pimp, whore or slave. It’s awesome to have a superhero the same hue as you.

Listed below are some entries from Twitter:

‘Hopefully, the success of this movie will make the studios come out with more diverse films. The public has spoken repeatedly about their frustration with the same type of movies and television shows. Will it take a #boycott cinema and television for them to stop the negative portrayal? It’s been vocalized repeatedly that minorities are more than gangsters, whores and other typical derogatory roles saved.’

‘When the opportunity has been presented to play other roles, that show, or movie has been successful. An example of this is “The Cosby Show”, “The Jefferson’s”, “Fresh Off The Boat”, “Jane The Virgin”. Minorities spend more money than their white counterparts. Yet, there is nothing on the market tailored to them, which needs to change.’

CTM ask what’s your view? What does this movie about this unforgettable civil rights movement group mean for people of color? In America and world wide?

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