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Conscious Poem: At Your Disposal

Conscious Poetry

Conscious Poem: At Your Disposal

After conversation ends, we part.
I walk the meadow one more time.

Alone to my senses, I see more,
including the non-treasures.

First, some sort of cardboard-colored paper,

matted down to the grass.
I free the ground.

A few steps more and I find a small
black plastic bag which tells me

it’s at my disposal.

So the collection begins….

empty water bottle,
ripped Styrofoam coffee cup with pink lettering,

plenty of miscellaneous papers.
Two different candy wrappers steps apart.
Are they from the same sweet tooth,

 or did first give license to second to trash this field?
A candy-cane striped hair tie.  I’m ok with that,

probably positively an accident.

I picture a girl freeing her hair to the wind

which snatched the tie to hold the memory.

One lap fills the bag.

It makes me sad until I look upon the clean meadow.
A fox scurries through it.


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Marie Higgins is an author and teacher of holistic practices, including meditation and spiritual journaling. She educates individuals on how holistic practices can lead to a simpler life: a way of life that says spirit first (listen to the heart); second, take care of self (listen to the body), and then give back to the world. Her debut nonfiction piece, Sprouting Spiritual Growth, a Memoir and a Guide to Spiritual Journaling, is an inspirational self-help book. It includes ten chapters which provide a guide to get to the truth and beauty of simple everyday living. Prompts for spiritual journaling may also be found at

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