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Conscious Thoughts: Valentine’s Day – Hate it? Love it? … How To Befriend It.

Conscious Thoughts

Conscious Thoughts: Valentine’s Day – Hate it? Love it? … How To Befriend It.

Valentine’s Day – Hate it? Love it? Friend? or Foe?


Haters gonna hate! I hate Valentine’s Day. Abhorring a culture pushing an empty expression of love. It reminds of the lyrics from Gigi, the 1958 Oscar winning musical where the main character, a feisty teenager, expresses her distain for love while reluctantly and hilariously being groomed into a courtesan. Gigi is having none of this emptiness when she disapprovingly sings the lyrics…

A necklace is love,
A ring is love,
A rock from some obnoxious little king is love,

A diamond studded star is love,
A ugly black cigar is love,

Valentine’s Day 2018 is no exception. Nowadays, a box of heart shaped chocolate is love. A price fix dinner is love. A carelessly bought bouquet of roses is love.

Case in point- Late New Year’s Eve, when visiting a CVS, I passed an employee removing Christmas candy. I quipped, “2018 arrives in few hours, time to ditch the Christmas candy!” He laughed while responding, “Yup, the Valentine’s Day candy will be available by midnight.” as he glanced toward the cart piled with Valentine’s candy. We both laughed!

Valentine’s Day carries a stressful energy, like the Christmas holiday. But, only if we let it! Years ago, I ceased bickering with Valentine’s Day and befriended it with creativity and an attitude shift.  Here are three of my ideas:

  1. Purchase a useful item that’s “Valentinesque”. Like pink polka dot sheets, fluffy towels, rose scented handmade soup, or playful dishtowels. The criteria only needs to be fun, special, and useful like pink polka dot sheets. Each time, I make my bed with my happy, playful sheets I smile.
  2. Make a red meal. You can be creative or boil up a comforting bowl of pasta topped with a hearty bolognaise coupled with an earthy, dark red wine. Finish your red dinner off with moist red velvet cupcakes. Yum! My favorite red meal was juicy steak (red meat), served with a crisp salad of red bibbed lettuce, red peppers, and radishes. For dessert a wine goblet filled with strawberries (sorta shaped like hearts), topped with whipped cream. Adorning the whipped cream; thinly sliced strawberries shaped into hearts! So sweet! So fun! And so red!
  3. Search for the lowest prices for Valentine candy, before your neighborhood shop removes it to replace it with Easter’s sweets. As a life-long Conversation Heart lover I once scored a bag for five cents. YES! A whole bag for five cents. Sorry to say, I’ve never been able to duplicate this achievement.

Best part of this “Befriend Valentine’s Day Starter Kit” is it can be enjoyed alone, in a group, and/or with a significant other. Whether we love it or hate it, we are surrounded! Any attempt to open to the joy of Valentine’s Day and ditch the commercialism can be a moment of joy. Let’s face we can all use multiple moments of joy.

Truthfully, love can’t be bought or packaged. It’s one of nature’s powerful creations; a sugary syrup to stick us together. Whether it’s self-love, married love, child love, grandparent love, or partner love…. expressing love derives its tenderness and meaning from human hearts not marketplace boardrooms.

So, don’t be a hater this Valentine season! Create your own fun, playful, and personal expressions of love! Or try out one (or two) of mine. Happy Valentine’s Day! Xoxo

Tell us if you are a Lover or a Hater and how you celebrate or avoid it.

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Julia is on a continuous improvement plan. She constantly asks herself, “Is there a healthier way I can do this?” whether it means creating a delightful vegetarian dish or polishing off a bag of Milano Cookies. She is as interested in physical health as emotional health. She mines her intuitive self for healing, soul growth, and personal growth. Besides writing she enjoys yoga, traveling, silence, football, and laughter. Not necessarily in that order.

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