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How To: Edit Your Photos Like a Pro

Written by Izzie Berry

We all love to take a selfie right? But do you ever think that the photo could be just a little bit better? Editing a picture can do wonders, and these apps are the best for it.


Airbrush is a free app for your phone and honestly I don’t know what I would do without it, it is simple to use! It really helps to brighten up your pictures, for example if you’ve taken a photo in front of a grey coloured building, you can use the ‘whiten’ tool to help make the building look cleaner!


VSCO was the original app that most people used to help and some effects to their pictures, like airbrush it is also free and easy to use, but it also has the option for you to buy more effects to spice up your photos just that bit more.


Facetune is a more recent app to edit your pictures, but is just as popular as VSCO. It has so many features to help your photos look even better than they are, with a reshape tool and everything!


Afterlight has been around for years, just like VSCO, and again it is free! I mainly use Afterlight to help adjust the contrast, and exposure of my pictures. It is a great help if you’ve taken photo but it has turned out just a little bit too dark, don’t worry about having to re-shoot the photo! Just up the exposure and brightness a little and you have an instragram worthy photo in seconds.

You’re probably thinking, do I really need these apps to make my photo better? And the answer to that is, no. If you’re happy with the way your photo has come out the first time, then that is great! But there are also many options for it to be improved. And it is also fun to play with editing and photo effects, trust me, you’ll thank me later.

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