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How to Know if You’re Dating a True Gentleman?


How to Know if You’re Dating a True Gentleman?

Dating can be very complicated these days, with dating app profiles doing most of the introductions, how does one realize the type of guy they are looking at? Is the guy a nerd, jock, sweetheart, jerk, or the rare gentleman? Gentleman have qualities that other guys may not possess, but if you find a man with these traits, he is a keeper!


Always Improving

If he is constantly wanting to make sure he is the best version of himself, that says a lot! We are all works in progress, but if you find a man who knows they are a work in progress and they continually strive to better themselves and improve themselves and their lives, that man is a keeper!

Honest With You, And Equally Important, Himself

Honesty is a rare quality these days, with filters in photos, dating profiles that might say he is taller than he really is, or has a job he really doesn’t. But when you find a man who can be truly open and honest with you and himself, that is a treasure! People who are honest with those around them are able to create deep and meaningful connections, based on their true selves. They have the confidence to know that they can be accepted as the person they are. When a man is also honest with himself, he is not afraid of his inner critic, but welcomes the voice to show areas that may need improvement or subtle changes. Honesty really is sexy on a man!

He Feels His Emotions

Men are taught from such a young age that “manliness” is defined by how much you can repress and hold yourself together. The reality is, repression is weak, and feeling is strong. Feeling your emotions, honestly, is a great strength. Any man who can tear up in front of you without shame, and can let you be a shoulder to cry on is a unicorn! Men who are in touch with their emotions are the manliest of men and are able to connect with those around them, on a real level. They don’t hide behind facades, but embrace their reality and share themselves in a deep way with loved ones.

He Gives Back

Not only does he give back to you in the relationship, but he gives back to the community and the world. He is not self-absorbed and selfish, but rather selfless, and nurturing. A man who can devote time to a charity or volunteer is an amazing person who knows that there is a world around him that needs help, needs people who go beyond themselves and tend to others.

He Is Not Afraid To Stand Up For What’s Right!

This gentleman is willing to tell off a man who is sexually harassing a woman, this man is the one who stands up to his mother when she attacks you for no good reason, this is a man who calls out guys when they use derogatory language towards women. This man is not afraid of the consequences of standing up for what’s right because he is true to himself and his beliefs.

If you come across such a man, consider yourself lucky. Not all men have the maturity or characteristics to truly be a person of integrity, commitment, and improvement. These gentlemen of the world not only are good to themselves but are good to those around them.

Savannah has been writing since she was fifteen years old when she started a book series, which became popular online. She attended SCAD, studying Creative and Dramatic writing until she transferred to John Jay College of Criminal Justice to study Forensic Psychology. She now has a magazine called Millennial Mrs. and Mom that she writes while she finishes pursuing her education.

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