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Motherhood is Universal – A Teenager’s Poetic Reflection

Conscious Poetry

Motherhood is Universal – A Teenager’s Poetic Reflection

May is the month many countries, around our multi-cultural globe honor mothers. Political structures and customs may vary, but Motherhood is universal.

Truth be told mothers are our rocks, our teachers, or maybe our nemesis. We grow throughout our lives because of their guidance, with their guidance and despite it. Regardless of the bond’s strength, the impact is profound.

A poem written, decades ago, during one boring high school study hall. Creativity kicked in for Julia Flynn, a Mind, Body & Soul Columnist, creating a poem of milestones commonly shared by mothers and children everywhere. Happy Mother’s Day!


Baby’s first diaper so cute and small.

Baby’s first cute little rag doll.

Baby’s first word.

Baby’s first step.

These things first mothers will never forget.

Baby’s first potty.

Baby’s first braids.

Baby’s first day at school.

First mother’s will treasure these first baby thoughts forever,

While the boys carry her books home from school.

Baby’s first date.

Baby’s first good night kiss.

Baby’s first boyfriend so handsome and tall.

First mothers remember the times that the two of them had together.

She knows they no longer exist.

Baby’s first graduation.

Baby’s first yearbook.

Baby’s first sensation knowing it’s the last look.

First mothers think back of the great friendship that elapsed, between the two of them.

Baby’s first ring.

Baby’s first wedding bell.

Baby’s first thought of the great day,

Baby’s first knowing that everything will work out swell.

And mother knows this day will be a great day.

Now, first mothers remember the love and pain they shared together,

And hope the feeling will never go away.

Next thing you know, it’s

Baby’s first baby

And that’s how things go.

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Julia is on a continuous improvement plan. She constantly asks herself, “Is there a healthier way I can do this?” whether it means creating a delightful vegetarian dish or polishing off a bag of Milano Cookies. She is as interested in physical health as emotional health. She mines her intuitive self for healing, soul growth, and personal growth. Besides writing she enjoys yoga, traveling, silence, football, and laughter. Not necessarily in that order.

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