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Queer Eye Renewal


Queer Eye Renewal

The original season of Queer Eye was unique in its own right. Where some were skeptical if the new franchise was going to be able to measure up the original cast. The new cast was able to pave their own path and prove why this show deserved a reboot.

Gay men doing makeovers on cisgender men at the time seemed like a mundane show topic. However, on the reboot, they were able to have the men showcase a different type of masculinity that isn’t often showcased in men. Cisgender were able to express their insecurities in a way where it didn’t look weak. The very first episode of Lonely Trucker perfectly conveys this whole paragraph. After his divorce, he let himself go and was very depressed. He was still madly in love with his ex-wife, but didn’t tell her due to lack of confidence. The main sentence he kept repeating was “you can’t fix ugly.” People don’t realize negative self-talk can kill any self-confidence before a naysayer can. If you don’t have respect for yourself, how can you expect someone else to? Once the fab five showed him that he was worthy to be loved and restored is self-confidence. He was able to rekindle his romance with her, and it’s been reported that they’re now engaged again. The interactions highlighted in this episode will help the next man be able to seek strength from within. It’ll teach them positive affirmations that can be used for motivation.

 In addition, watching discussions on uncomfortable topics that most wouldn’t discuss was refreshing as well. In another episode, Karamo  takes a ride with the police officer who is a Trump supporter, who lived in rural Georgia. He was immediately apprehensive about working with him because of these things. Rightfully so, Karamo is a gay Black man who represents everything that most Trump supporters hate. The beautiful part of this episode was that they spent time together. Were able to look past their differences and got a real dialogue started.  The police officer was able to empathize with Karamo and his fears of being a Black father. Karamo was able to comprehend the magnitude of his position of power.

This revival is needed because it’s showcasing gay men in a different light. Proving that there isn’t a stereotypical gay man. The Queer Eye men helped a man come out and find comfort with his sexuality. They taught everyone that the manner of dressing doesn’t have to be defined by your sexuality. Men learned that grooming, self-care and eating well aren’t feminine at all.  They, also learned how to become better companions and better versions of themselves.

The new season will have various locations, it’s been reported that they’re moving to the Midwest. That’s where the show’s creator is from. It’s also been stated that creators want to stay in conservative places, to build a better rapport. Similar to the chemistry that was built in Georgia. Also, the show’s stars loved Georgia but it’s far too hot to accomplish the tasks needed.


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