Author - Savannah Esposito

Sex & Relationships

Five Ways to Regain Romance in Your Marriage

Romance, the very word conjures up images of Valentine’s Day, flowers, chocolates, and first dates. When two people have been together for years, romance can fade into the background as the years pass by. One day you have kids...

Sex & Relationships

Four Factors of Initial Attraction

Ever wonder what makes you attracted to someone and keeps you attracted to them? There are many factors that one might list off like common friend groups and the ability to have fun with them. Those are important factors, but...

Sex & Relationships

Four Factors of a Healthy Marriage

Marriage is one of the biggest commitments one can make in their life, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Often times, people think of marriage as the end of things, but really, it’s just the beginning. Today, divorce rates are...